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  1. So, basically, they don`t care about story telling as much as they care for showing nude bodies? Should I start how many things are wrong about it? Well, intelectual and artistic integrity of the producers is very questionable at this point.
  2. Hear me roar!!! Lion project has begun

    1. King of Winters

      King of Winters

      Looking forward to reading it.

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      Well, I have just started writing it, so give me a week or two...

    3. King Tyrion I

      King Tyrion I

      Go, Lannisters, go!


  3. With the risk I am going to be crucified :), I am not that big fan of this episode. And, here is why 1. Theon and Jaime. OK, we all like passing the judgement. I get that, and we finally saw two `villains` getting what they deserved. But, Theon`s `hunting party` is something this is cut into very small pieces, and every time I think there`ll be some great cathartic moment, I get disappointed. As for Jaime and his hand getting cut off, I am sorry, but that scene didn`t work for me. Locke seems ruthless yes, but cutting that hand was more than that. This was too random for my taste, especially giving Locke`s look as somewhat cunning man. 2. Podrick. This was incredibly funny. But, also immensly stupid. Podrick has become Catelyn of this episode, in character suicide thing. I like Podric from the book, I like Podric being shy and quiet as he was in the show, but to imagine him as some sex symbol that can make whores forget money, is too much for my taste 3. Edmure/Blackfish confrontation. This is strange business. I like Edmure, and I love Blackfish. They are separatly brilliant, but together they make strange combination. I didn`t like the whole pushing Edmure around like that, especially in public. 4. Small council meeting scene. The point of that scene eludes me. If it was just to give Tyrion somethig to work, than OK. But, I hoped to see more than just pulling the chairs. I wanted some really clever outsmarting between Tywin and Tyrion, LF and Varys and I have seen one of it. Entrance was great, but came next was just boring. 5. NW scene with Craster. I don`t know why I don`t like it, but I don`t. Basically, reprecutions of Sam not killing the Other (RIP Puddles :) ) is coming to bite this arc`s ass. And the beauty of Sam`s story in SOS is that he is now faced with ridicule for doing something right 6. Nudity. We have survived last episode without nudity, I don`t see the reason why couldn`t we skipped the naked whore thing in this episode. This nudity thing has become so frustrating, because in this episode I haven`t seen the purpose of it. And, now I will focus on good things: 1. Arya, HotPie and Gendry. That scene was beautiful. It worked even better than in the books, since we don`t have official goodbye between Arya and HotPie, and I have to say I was really touched by direwolf bread, and have laughed when Arya started eating it. 2. Rhaegar died. You have to give credits to Iain Glen for this. Even with careful reading, sometimes the right tone of this line can elude you, but Iain made it sound so cool and determing. I love him in this episode. Actually, strangely enough, I liked entire Dany`s storyarc in this episode. 3. Blackfish. You imagine ruggedly older badass man, and we got the badass :). He is brilliant. The scene between Cat and him was superbly acted and it set such great tone for the rest of the season. I hope we`ll see more of him. 4. Michelle Fairley. She shoots, and she scores. Controversial scene from last episode, and now conversation with Blackfish. This woman is truly stepping up this season. 5. Bear and maiden fair. Let`s face it, we like these songs... :) Writing was good, but not superb. Acting as always was highlight of the day, and we have been presented with a song. Not bad but far from perfect. Now, you can position the fire squad :)
  4. Elba, can I say we think alike and please don`t offend or take it for bad. I mean only good. That scene really stood out and when I looked at them at that mirror all I could think is `PW, here we come`
  5. Ok, great episode with some small flaws, but nothing that would ruin the day. As a guy who think that adaptation should remain loyal to source material but to bring something fresh, I can say this episode made me thinking about my attitude towards it. All changes in this episode were somewhat great on one level and yet so problematic on another. But, let me first focus on great things. Sansa and QOT scene was perfectly acted, Sophie and Dame Diana had done superb job in bringing one of the most memorable scenes of the series on the screen. Although I believe that TV Olenna should be a bit harsher in tone of her comments (something Maggie Smith, Hellen Mirren and Judi Dench are well known for), I am so in love with her looks and her portrayal. On acting part we also have to give a credit to Thomas Brodie-Sangster, man, he is perfect Jojen. Not the way I imagined him, but this was one I think is genuinly great. And lastly, the most controversial Michelle Fairley. As an actress she did a great job (I will discuss the scene later), and I have to say her pain made such impression on me. And now, scene by scene. Emotional beginning was something I really enjoyed. Bran was so lovely in this episode that I have no words for it. Introduction of Jojen, and later Meera was done smoothly, although I blame writers for exclusion of the most impressive vows in Westeros. Now, focusing on KL, I have to admit all scenes are done brilliantly. From Cersei`s loss of control, to QOT and Sansa, all the way to classic Tyrion humor with a bit notch to book Tyrion, and Margaery forshadowing Purple wedding. Everything about KL storyarc in this episode was nicely done. And I appreciate the absence of naked whores. Theon`s storyarc is part of something bigger, and I can`t wait to see the hunt and its consequences. Orell scene was fine, but not too impressive, and as for NW, I have to say I am a bit disappointed on the use of `I forbid you to die` line so early. But, it wasn`t something too bad. And now, let start with controversies. Stark camp storyarc. Catelyn is a mother, never forget that. And her role in both the books and the show is to be a loving mother who does everything in her power for her children. And perhaps mentioning Jon was a bad idea, and I hate that Catelyn became significantly less grey and more white, but in some way I love how her sorrow is overtaking her. And the line `I couldn`t love motherless child` as much as it is wrong, and as someone said character suicide, is one of the most heartbreaking moments, and Michelle pulled it with highest honors. The thing I am confused is those news from Winterfell and the fact that the scene, perhaps just like in the books, is toned down a bit. Also, Arya`s story. Very deftly executed. Especially Sandor/Arya`s meeting. I would like to have seen Arya`s appeal to Harwin to recognize her, and her enjoyment when Sandor is hunted, but for obvious reasons they cut it and I understand it. I love Thoros, but it`s not book Thoros. This Thoros isn`t some ruggedly drunken man who partied with Robert. This Thoros is different, occasionally funny, especially concerning Hot Pie, but also crashed Arya`s confidence and showed her how powerless she is. In a way he taught her how much she has to learn. For the end, this episode has a bit faster pace, but I like the new recipe. Concentrating on less arcs in one episode than stuffing it all in one. This episode wasn`t perfect, but it was one indeed great episode. And having watched these 2 episodes, I can tell we can expect much better season this year. The one in which changes will work for the show and its characters and not against it
  6. This episode was great, with few flaws, but nothing too important 1. Bran - touching scene at beginning, nice introduction of Reeds, all in all nicely executed arc 2. Cersei/Joffrey - like the scene, but nothing special 3. Sansa/QOT - This was amazing, and I don`t know who was better - Sophie as Sansa or Dame Diana as QOT. Perfection 4. Catelyn scenes - OMG, this is either dealbreaker or something absolutely beautiful. And I have to say I am torn. IMO, this wasn`t done so people could sympathize with Cat, it`s more to show her as a mother - I couldn`t love motherless child. It`s so great on one level, and so disasterous on another 5. Joffrey/Margaery - Forshadowing I genuinly enjoyed this scene. Especially its end 6. NW and Wildings - Nothing special, and I have to admit I dislike the use of `I forbid you to die` line so early. 7. Arya - Like it, especially her confidence and strength mixed with fear and newly founded powerlessness. Also enjoyed Sandor`s appearence 8. Tyrion/Shae - this was amazing. I am sorry but I missed classic Tyrion humor. 9. Brienne/Jaime - these two have something. I don`t know exactly what it is, but it`s good. 10. Theon - almost forgot it. This is just an intro to a very promising storyarc All in all, great episode, I like they are cutting the storylines from each episodes. We haven`t seen Dany or Stannis, and honestly I like it better this way. All congratulations on acting goes to Dame Diana Rigg, Sophie Turner, Michelle Fairley and Thomas Brodie-Sangster.
  7. Time for wolves...

  8. Dorne...we have it on Planet Earth, you know :)

  9. Becoming Council member...Gratitudes to P2P thread

  10. I`m NOBLE now...

  11. am not talking about Martin being plagiatour, because I truely believe this masterpiece is one of a kind. But, even he said he has been influenced by rather many writers and hystorical events. So, I had a list of those characters who could have been inspired by some hystorical or imaginary character... 1. Robert Baratheon - his fatness, his horing and disloyalty to his wife, incompetence and impatience, it all reminds me of HENRY VIII 2. Cersei Lannister - woman who is afraid that more beautiful one is going to substitute her, well we all know that fairy tale, and that character, EVIL QUEEN from SNOW WHITE AN SEVEN DWARVES. 3. Sansa Stark - initally I think she is like fairytale princess, but Martin evolved her character quite a bit. So, ANY PRINCESS FROM FAIRYTALES 4. Targaryen demise - actually, it`s like the end of Romanov dinasty in Russia in 1918. 5. Daenerys`s and Aegon`s survival - it`s all like Anastasia Romanov, and Anna Anderson`s claim to be her 6. FAith and High Septon at the beginning - It`s all like Pope and Catholic Churc in time when Martin Luther began preaching Reformation 7. Margaery`s trial - very similar to those of Anne Boleyn`s and Catherine Howard`s for their infidelity to King Henry VIII 8. Arya Stark - her behaviour was the most similar to JOAN OF ARC 9. North`s uprising - it`s all like american revolution and their desire to free from Britsh Empire (of course it was more successful than North`s battle foor independence) 10. Sarella - throughout history, we have many examples of how women impersonated men so they could be same as their male friends 11. Rhaegar`s love towards Lyanna - It`s all like myth of Troy, when Paris and Helen fell in love and started a war for a woman That`s for now, I will check for some more, but if you have anything, please, reply...
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