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  1. In the (somewhat modified) words of Eric Cartman: Crap, crappety crap, crap, crap! On the other hand - if you know a show has come to its utter and final end, you might as well make people hate it so they don't miss it when it's all over... 2. Not a 1 simply because Tyrion didn't buy it
  2. I'm a faceless man of Braavos having currently assumed the Lorathi identity of Jaqen H'ghar. I got hooked on the first season of the GoT TV series when it aired on national Swedish TV earlier this year (it aired on pay cable last year but I'm too cheap to pay for that). Before a trip in early May I bought the first book and since then I've been hooked on the books as well. As it happened I got sent on an assignment to Germany meaning travel back and forth every week giving me plenty of time for reading, so right now I'm wrapping up ASoS and have AFfC awaiting in my briefcase for this evening's flight back to Stockholm. I discovered this forum - and all of westeros.org - when one of the admins was a guest in a Swedish mini talk show that was broadcast after each episode of GoT with the purpose of discussing the week's episode. I've been lurking since then but finally got around to register yesterday. Since I have a pretty good eye for details and a more or less annoying ability to keep track of relations and plot threads I'm pretty certain I'll be able to bug you all with a lot of posts in the future :cool4:
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