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  1. Lord Liam DarkStark

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Thank you for posting!
  2. So what gave jamie the authority to rename it oathkeeper? The sword is named Ice a stark has more power to rename it than a lannister.
  3. It has multiple names. Its also named ice. And lady catelyn as stoneheart named it oathbreaker.
  4. Lord Liam DarkStark

    [ADwD Spoilers] Updating the Citadel

    Dany constantly talks about the house in braavos with the red door. Why would that be arya? I'm pretty sure she saw her own past. And what would it matter its not like she knows about the glass candles or their capabilities. That warning stands useless unless she learns about the valyrian canndles..... While I don't see the undyings prophetic words in the same light. Interesting thoughts...I don't see why people take the three heads in so many different ways. Why can't the dragons just have three riders? Or controllers? Whether someone could warg a dragon or use sorcery to connect with them. Seems ambitious to say the three heads is just dany as three ruling titles or in three different lights.
  5. Idk. The whole cersei poisoning tommen was an idea by the t.v. show adaption,at least I thought. Since there was no cersei POV in that book. She did want ilyn payne to take her and sansa's heads id stannis succeeded So I don't see where that would be important in the novels. I think the lannister house will fall similarly to the targaryens which fell thanks to the lannisters. Possibly leaving a last lannister of the rock to keep the line alive (maybe tyrion) (maybe jamie) I don't think it will be cersei or any of her children. I think a younger more beautiful queen will see to her undoing. Or cersei will undo herself as she has been since a storm of swords. Maggie's prophecy may not come to full terms. But I do see a dead cersei tommen and myrcella. Its like the irony that tywin crushed the targs so his family could take their place as the most powerful in the realm he wanted a dynasty to last a thousand years but that desire deystroys their house instead. But who knows I'm just rambling my own thoughts >_<
  6. Lord Liam DarkStark

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    And I hope she succeeds.
  7. Lord Liam DarkStark

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    And I think brienne reminding cat of her vow won't mater to uncat. Since all she cares about is revenge and the destruction of the freys leaving walder with no heirs and getting lannisters off the throne.
  8. Lord Liam DarkStark

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    I think lady stoneheart will use jamie in a plot to get revenge on the freys. Revenge is her obvious drive now. Whether she is capable of making plans is what I want to know. But I don't think she finished with jamie yet.
  9. I think they are related I feel like I remember reading that in a brienne Point of View. Or at least an indication.
  10. 2015 is most likely. But who knows he takes forever sometimes. But who can complain perfection isn't easy and the quality takes time to develop and get the layout right so the story flows. 2013 is far too optomistic even though I wish it could happen. The more asoif the better. That's what I like there is an unlimited amount of tales that can be told of this realm.
  11. I see the similarities (:
  12. I don't think its that easy to become a good swordsman. But whoever thinks that pod would really try for revenge for his distant cousin ilyn payne for something areys did twenty years before. And ilyn deserved it. In the Red Keep the very walls have ears. And he said that. Aerys ruled in name. And that tywin really ruled the kingdoms. The truth. But the captain of a house gaurd should know better! Could of gone much worse for him.
  13. Melisandre was considered the best at reading the flames. She said no one in her order compared to herself. Maybe benerro he at least sees that dany is the chosen one.