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  1. I just ran across azeris version of "The Time Traveler's Wife" on HBO (it's five episodes in) and it Stars Rose Leslie as the title role. Also, we've mentioned how many GOT stars have been on Doctor Who...we should mention that a former Doctor is staring in House of Dragon...Matt Smith.
  2. Maisie is doing "Pistols" for FX/Hulu. It's about the Sex Pistols. (She is apparently going to show some skin.)
  3. Minus the dragons? The North because the Andals were never able to take it and it's very different from the weather in the Free Cities, and Dorne because they held out against dragons for a long long time! The mountainous terrain of the Vale could be difficult for them to traverse too.
  4. John Bradley (Sam) is in Moonfall it's sci fi and has Halie Berry in it but I don't know much about ti. Edit-I just read a review and it sounds pretty bad.
  5. Emilia is doing "The Pod Generation" which is described as a "sci-fi romantic comedy".
  6. Jacob Anderson is in what's going to be on Jodie Whittaker's last season of Doctor Who (I fell so sorry for him) and the he's doing a series version of Interview With The Vampire, which I think is on Netflix. (Grey Worm B.T.W.)
  7. I saw it. She also has a role in the upcoming Marvel project "Secret Wars". Speculation is she will either play a Skrull or Spider-Woman.
  8. I guess I'm going to follow myself here. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay are both going to be in HBO's 'The Last Of Us', it's based on a video game.
  9. Ramsay Bolton Iwan Rheon is playing a leprechaun on season 3 of "American Gods". In the up coming adaptation of Neal Gaiman/DC Comics "Sandman" Charles Dance is playing Roderick Burgess one of Dream's captors and Gwendolyn Christie is playing Lucifer Morningstar-and yes this is the same character that the "Lucifer" TV series is based on, but I don't remember anything in the original comic that would make the character HAVE to be male! Also the character was drawn very androgynously back then, and a fallen angel can be whatever gender they want.
  10. Ian McEhinney just joined the ranks of GOT cast members who were on Doctor Who. It's getting harder and harder to watch that program so I almost missed it.
  11. He's also the title character in "The Mandalorian".
  12. Pedro Pascal is in Wonder Woman 1984. He plays Maxwell Lord, That character was originally patterned after actor Sam Neil in the comics, so it may seem like strange casting...but I'm sure he will play the hell out of it!
  13. The timeline doesn't really work in the books either. It's just what the people called it.
  14. Looks like I have to follows myself. The forth coming "Marvel's the Eternals" stars Richard Madden as Ikarris a super powered immortal and Kit Harrington is playing Dane Whitman A.K.A. The Black Knight. This should be a real stretch for Kit, he play a hero who dresses in black, has a sword that can cut through most anything...rides a magical winged creature...gets involved with a powerful woman who eventually goes mad...oh. I see what they are doing. Okay. I almost forgot, Ian Glenn is playing Bruce Wayne/Batman in season 2 of 'Titans' on the DC streaming service. (Retired Batman?) I don't subscribe to it so will never see it!
  15. I no longer know how to make links. Could someone out there link the trailer for "Last Christmas" starring Emilia Clarke? It's a RomCom but considering the character she plays had serious health issues, it probably hit pretty close to home for her!
  16. I'm watching a post apocalyptic movie called "Patient Zero" (2018) while the main star is former 'Doctor Who' Matt Smith it co-stars Natalie Dormer (Margeary Tyrell) and John Bradley (Samwell Tarly). I recognize a lot of British actors in it, but it's set in the States & most of them are trying to put on American accents! Even Dormer- who can do a credible American accent- is being allowed to use a British accent...BUT it isn't her actual British accent! it's weird.
  17. Charles Dance is in Godzilla the King of the Monsters (remake/reboot).
  18. Aiden Gillen (Littlefinger) has a new series on the History channel called "Project Bluebook". The title comes from a real effort the U.S. Air Force put into investigating UFO sightings, but it looks to be an X-Files kind of show.
  19. Ian McEhinney who played Barristan Selmy now plays Superman's Great-Great Grandfather Val-El on Krypton.
  20. A while back I saw an ad for a hotel group & the "spokesman" (a character really) looked very familiar. Recently I stayed at one of those hotels & got a look at a picture of that guy...sure enough it was the actor who plays Tormand Giantsbane.
  21. Just saw a preview for "The Great Wall" with Pedro Pascal.
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