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  1. because she is doesn't necessarily mean she will play a role does it? the photographers were all over her lol but if she were arianne i wouldnt mind i know nothing about her but she looks the role edit: damn this Stana Katic is smoking I hope she will be on the show too! val maybe?
  2. People are actually complaining? Seriously CLEAN the fucking SAND out of your collective VAGINAS
  3. if they show the head swap next week they have to show the kiss of life too... they HAVE TO!
  4. Best episode since episode 4. Only thing not making it a 10 is the lack of Coldhands. I hope they didn't exclude him from the show and he makes an appearance in one of the final two episodes.
  5. They always get their gold back, one way or another. hint hint
  6. So Karstark is going to kill those two Lannister children next week. Book it.
  7. It will be interesting for sure. I can't wait to see Goldenhand The Just!
  8. Guys Stannis is supposed to be weak and defeated at this point. That's why he is being portrayed as weak and defeated.
  9. Ya that one was actually very well done. I didn't care for the scene in the whorehouse itself just the scene after it haha
  10. Good episode. I wasn't as excited as I normally get for my Sunday ritual but it was still great..... I'm gonna go watch it again
  11. Scene was really cool I loved how ironic it was when Ygritte says "Youve never met a warg" and the camera just stays on Jon haha. Do we know why they used Orell over Varamyr? Varamyr Six Skins is just such a badass name Edit: I love a lot of the small things... the leaves rustling in Bran's dream, the subtle hint of Jon's warg ability
  12. Bolton won't.... but Locke might. For sure, Chett was never in the show Rast is just his name replacement. Dolorous Edd getting some more lines I like it.
  13. I love everyone complaining about the fight like get over it. What did you expect? Jaime showed his smarts and skill Brienne showed her sheer power and equal skill... that's the point. And to make enough noise to get caught, Locke was pretty sweet I thought. Complain less life is easier that way.
  14. Yeah I thought it was really good, at first I thought she was making the story up I was like wtf is going on here and then she made up for it. She really is a great actor. Was really good seeing Ramsay I cant wait to see how that all goes down. Jojen was awesome too.
  15. I think Robb arriving at Harrenhal is a pre-text to have Roose Bolton run it for him while he goes to back Riverrun I thought it was a cool scene to be honest I liked that Roose and Karstark had there own little spot, those two guys have to be built up this season. I laughed when Roose said "they've sent their best hunters after him" immediately thought of Ramsay And Strong Belwas will be added in season 4, book it. As far my thoughts on the episode I thought it was better than last years premiere. Tyrion/Tywin, Davos and Dany's final scene were the highlights for me. I figured they wouldn't have been able to do the fight at the fist, don't know why Sam didn't send the ravens but I guess its irrelevant since they will get to Castle Black and warn them anyways. But Ghost was there why? Mayhaps he will just follow the NW back to Castle Black and reunite with Jon later? I really want Jon or Arya to have a wolf-dreams this season, speaking of which the episode lost points for absence of Bran and Arya
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