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  1. And Wilt did it as a center against a bunch of guys who smoked at half-time. It was a lot easier for him to score 100 than it would be for a guard to do it in the modern game where damn near everyone on the court is a freak athlete. A guard or small forward would have to get extremely, extremely hot to even sniff 100. There's a reason you only see scoring outbursts like Mitchell's a handful of times a season.
  2. Yeah he had sixteen points at halftime and scored 55 in the second and OT. I believe they said he’s the first player ever to have over 70 points with 10 assists.
  3. I didn't watch the Cavs game tonight but checked the box score and said "holy shit" out loud. Mitchell is ridiculous.
  4. They could do a couple of Monday afternoon games that end before the National Championship kicks off.
  5. He got up like he was fine and then just immediately passed out and collapsed.
  6. Looks like I'll be taking home the title this year. That Hurts/Allen combo carried the water all year and my RBs crushed.
  7. “Taste cold steel, feeble cannon restraint rope!”
  8. Yeah, it’s an example of a classic being a classic for a reason. If you enjoy the whole experience, maybe check out the Monkey Island games next if you haven’t already? They remastered the first two games semi-recently and added voice acting, and the third game (Curse) is my favorite adventure game ever.
  9. No doubt. It's just that the speech that Craig gives near the end where he solves the mystery almost feels written as a direct attack on Elon. But that's probably just a result of Elon's spiral into alt right conspiracy theories and extreme narcissism that has been playing out very publicly for the past two months. Not often you get to see a dude live tweet his midlife crisis.
  10. I loved Smile. Thought it was ridiculously fun and the ending was awesome. Also watched Glass Onion. I don't know if that movie was specifically written to lambast Elon Musk, but if not it came out at the exact perfect moment to feel that way.
  11. Was the movie even a comedy? Not sure I laughed once.
  12. Nice. I was thinking of buying it in Steam since I just built a new PC so this was excellent timing.
  13. Portal 2 is one of the greatest video games ever made. It's in my personal top five and is basically a Pixar movie come to life. Stephen Merchant gives a pretty incredible performance as your bumbling robot sidekick Wheatley. Ellen McLain and JK Simmons are fantastic as well, but I think Merchant steals the show. Disco Elysium is awesome as well. I really need to go back and finish it at some point.
  14. In the group chat for one of my dynasty leagues, someone commented who was coming in the game and I literally sent that gif of Thanos saying “I don’t even know who you are.” Had never even heard the dude’s name before and have already forgotten what it was.
  15. Willing to bet that if you put Mac Jones on this Jets team he’d look a hell of a lot better than Wilson has. Problem is, New England has some shit receivers.
  16. Yeah, I truly don't get the complaining about the lack of comedy in a drama. Not every drama has to have constant levity. It often got distracting on Game of Thrones, especially toward the end when the humor started to get a little lacking in quality. And House of the Dragon did have some amusing moments. They just tended more toward subtlety and weren't forced in there for the sole purpose of adding a joke.
  17. Dude barely played anyone in college and had an NFL caliber offensive line. He was always a mirage. I gambled on him in a few dynasty leagues, but only because I know that I am not infallible (plus, QB is a particularly difficult position to evaluate even for NFL scouts who are a lot more knowledgeable than I am) and so often take chances on guys I don't like as prospects. Ah well, you win some, you lose some.
  18. Chappelle lived long enough to see himself become Clayton Bigsby.
  19. Jakobi Meyers should definitely not eat or drink anything handed to him by Bill Belichick tomorrow.
  20. Started digging back into Cyberpunk 2077 armed with my brand new PC. I'd previously only been able to play it properly on GeForce Now. My old PC could technically run the game, but load times were eternal (at least back when it came out) and the game didn't look all that great. Now I can run that shit on all high settings. Only get about 40-50 fps, but that's perfectly fine in a single player game. The game is a lot of fun. I'm doing a sort of pistol, shotgun, blunt weapons build, mostly because a sexual encounter in the game left me with a giant dildo weapon that has been, thus far, the most powerful melee weapon I've found by a wide margin, and upgrades have kept it that way. I had planned to do a katana build, but Sir John Phallustiff was at least 100 points higher in DPS. It also vibrates when equipped. I also spent around ten hours of game time not realizing my best pistol had a mod equipped that made it so that headshots didn't do any additional damage. I was mighty pissed when I notice that, and it made some frustrating stealth attempts make a lot more sense in retrospect. I started the game over this time around, as it'd been over a year since I'd last played it and I didn't remember what I was even doing when I stopped playing. Switched to a female V as well to listen to a different performance for the first ten to fifteen hours, which is about how long I played the game back when it released. The game definitely has a lot less glitches than it used to, but there's still a pretty distinct lack of AI in the world. If I stop my bike in the middle of a road, cars will often just stop behind it and sit there eternally, or until I move the bike. I found a dude kicking a woman on the ground and promptly ended him, only for the woman to get up and walk away, only she'd keep going back into her "on the ground taking kicks" animation as she did so. Cars will occasionally break every law of physics and fly into the air, as will bodies you drop from time to time. It's not so often that it's really annoying, and can be amusing at times.
  21. It's not even that I've barely played them, though. I played Odyssey for like fifty hours (I got into the Stadia beta and got the game for free) and I don't even think I was half finished with the main quest. I enjoyed that game a lot, but I spent so much time doing all the side quests that I got burnt out on the game as a whole, and none of the modern AssCreed games have a main narrative that's generally compelling enough that I really need to see the end. I think that's a consequence of the narrative structure that sees these games framed as memories rather than happening in real time, which renders everything that happens in the past a little meaningless. They really should have just ditched all the stupid modern world stuff like eight games ago. It was kind of neat in the first few games when it seemed like it was actually going somewhere, but then they just kept making more of the fuckers and it all became incoherent and meandering.
  22. I don't think I've actually finished an Assassin's Creed game since Ezio was the main character despite playing most of them.
  23. I really enjoyed the first two thirds of that movie, but the last act fell flat for me.
  24. Those people probably shouldn't be allowed within 500 feet of a school.
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