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  1. Dukhasinov

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    What books have you been reading? When has Danny ever brought peace anywhere? Everywhere she goes she brings war and chaos. And how did Wymar Manderly start the fight with the Other?
  2. I have a feeling that GRRM would like to ret-con the whole "Wardens Cardinal" out of existence. These offices aren`t mentioned at all in TWOIAF or FaB. I don`t see how the title has any meaning in war, either. Does Ned Stark`s title of Warden of the North give him military authority over anyone that is not already his vassal? Does a Warden have any authority to raise armies beyond the authority he already has as a Lord calling his banners? Martin must have initially decided that is was an important and powerful title, or else Robert would not have pissed off the Vale by withholding the title from Robert Arynn. But then it looks like he never got around to really defining what that power entailed as the years and book rolled by, and now the titles are the plot equivalent of the appendix.
  3. Dukhasinov

    Does Nettles prove the Valaryians weren’t exceptional?

    The sacrifice could have been Rhaego`s, or Drogo`s, or both. It`s King`s blood either way. King`s Blood was shed and awakened dragons from stone. Makes you wonder what "Fire and Blood" really means....
  4. Dukhasinov

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    Aside from the mountain of text evidence already presented for Harenhal`s proximity to the God`s Eye, recall that when Caraxes crawled out of the lake after being maimed and disemboweled by Vhagar, he died beneath the walls of Harrenhal. So, it was close enough that the dying dragon could crawl up to it, even while missing a forelimb and trailing his own guts. Also, it is mentioned that Black Harren launched attacks on longships to the southern shore of the God`s Eye.
  5. Dukhasinov

    Does Nettles prove the Valaryians weren’t exceptional?

    Or the fire magic was enhanced with the coming of the comet. But the birth of the dragons was the result of blood magic, not fire magic.
  6. Dukhasinov

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    "Sigh......" It was built on the God`s Eye, for several reasons. First, it allows for an inexhaustible supply of fresh water; important in the event of a siege. Also, it means that to effectively besiege Harrenhal, you will have to blockade it as well as invest it, because it can get resupplied across the lake. Also, the God`s Eye flows into the Blackwater Rush, which allowed the Kingdom of the Isles and the Rivers to project naval power into Blackwater Bay, giving them more leverage in conflicts with Storm Kings. Also, having a port in the God`s Eye would allow the kingdom access to the Narrow Sea and its trade routes without actually having any real-estate on the east coast of Westeros....though I admit that I`m reaching with that one, as I don`t know of any evidence of Harrentown being a commercial port. Proximity to the Isle of Faces is just incidental.
  7. I have finally finished Fire and Blood after three days of ignoring my wife and children, and, as enjoyable as it was, the only burning question that I had when I opened the book remained unanswered when I finished it, mostly because of where it ended. That question was, "What happened to the dragons?" TWOIAF left me with "Morning did not live long." Are you kidding me? What happened to Morning! The fact that I now know that she lived long enough to be ridden only makes the mystery all the more urgent. What happened to Silverwing after she went wild in the Reach? What happened to the Cannibal and Sheepstealer? Why didn`t any more dragon eggs hatch? For that matter, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DEAD DRAGON EGGS? Dragon eggs are apparently worth a fortune, even when no-one expects them to hatch, so what happened to the eggs on Dragonstone? I was hoping to learn that Aegon III actively sought to have the last of them killed, and I`m still pretty sure that`s how it went. Were they really hurting for space so badly that they had to end the book at the end of the Regency? With everything that goes on between the Dance and Robert`s Rebellion, (the misrule of Aegon the Unworthy, the Blackfyre Rebellions, Baelor and the Maidenvault, the integration of Dorne, etc, etc...) was there really not enough meat left over for Fire and Blood II that they had to leave that one issue to dangle in front of my nose for another few years? I swear, ASOIAF is like an abusive relationship. It neglects, ignores, and abuses me, but I love it so much. I don`t mean to make it angry with me. I know it can be better if I just have more patience.
  8. Dukhasinov

    [Spoilers] Fire and Blood Errata

    You mean Grandpa didn`t really kill 20 Nazis with a shovel? I feel cheated....
  9. Dukhasinov

    Problematic aspects of Sansa`s education

    Sansa is a teenage girl raised on wealth and privilege. OF COURSE she`s obnoxious. It`s made even worse when you have to hear her inner monologue. If you`ve ever met a Massachusetts "Old Money" type debutante, the only reason that they`re at all bearable to be around is the fact that you can`t hear what they`re thinking. With Sansa, we`re hit with the full broadside of her vapid, self-absorbed snobbery. That being said, you have to see Sansa as what she is, and keep in mind that it isn`t her fault. It`s fascinating to watch her grow up the hard way as the circumstances of her life giver her one brutal lesson after another.
  10. Dukhasinov

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    The same reason that the Empire built the Death Star; to be a huge, scary symbol of power that would intimidate their subjects, as well as being an impregnible fortress that could be used to project power over the unruly Riverlands.
  11. Dukhasinov

    [Spoilers] Fire and Blood Errata

    While in The Blacks and the Reds we have King Viserys telling his grandchildren a story about King Jahaerys and Queen Alysane flying their dragons beyond the Wall to break a Wildling incursion, this story is sadly missing from the otherwise richly detailed account of Jahaerys I reign in FaB.
  12. Since we`re talking about inconsistencies, the one glaring plot hole that springs to mind is from the beginning of AGoT, when Ned is concerned about appointing Jaime as Warden of the East, on the grounds that he stood to inherit the title Warden of the West from his father. Later on it is made very clear that knights of the Kingsguard forswear all rights of inheritance, so this is a non-issue. It doesn`t seem like GRRM had really fully fleshed out the role of the Kingsguard when he started the first book, or the role of the Wardens Cardinal, for that matter. We haven`t seen any evidence that the title Warden of the North/South/East/West comes with any actual power or authority. It just seems to be another prestige-enhancing title, like "Breaker of Chains," or "Lord-Reaper of Pyke."
  13. Which Aegon and Viserys are we talking about? Are we talking about Rhaenyra`s sons? Aegon the Younger did have a dragon; Stormcloud, who died at the Battle of the Gullet. Viserys had an egg that never hatched. The first "Aegon" that lived to adulthood and did not have a dragon was Aegon the Unworthy.
  14. Dukhasinov

    [Spoilers] Fire and Blood Errata

    Aegon intentionally left Sunspear alone during the Dragon`s Wroth to drive a wedge between the Martells and their vassals who DID have their lands torched. BAM! I just solved your problem. You`re welcome.
  15. Dukhasinov

    [Spoilers] Fire and Blood Errata

    This is a problem in the Riverlands, to. Vhagar scourged the houses in the Riverlands that supported Rhaenyra during the Dance, and Vhagar was about as old as Balerion was during the Conquest, so was presumably as large. So why don`t more castles in the Riverlands look like melted candles, like Harrenhal?