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  1. Mihai Brasoveanu

    Praise without Repercussion, Final Edition

    Some visuals were outstanding: - The scene with Jaime and Cersei dead under the rubble - Danny with the wings of Drogon - The whole Nazi-esque set-up of Fuhrer Danny adressing the crowd
  2. Mihai Brasoveanu

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    It's art, we can appreciate it differently. But I'm not holding my breath for Winds of Winter being the holy grail that will put all the GoT screw-ups behind us. Remember all the other storylines it has to close: Lady Stonehart, fAegon, Northern Conspiracy. It's gonna be even more complicated than the show to wrap it all up.
  3. Mihai Brasoveanu

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    This! I find it funny how many people complain of the quality of the writing in the TV Show, ignoring that AFFC is a terrible piece of literature and ADWD is only marginally better. It is what it is, it ended how it ended. Not every show gets a Sopranos finale.
  4. Mihai Brasoveanu

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    Star Wars reference. I was just enjoying the topic as much as I enjoyed the episode.
  5. Mihai Brasoveanu

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    Grand Moff Tarkin blows up an entire planet to make everyone fear him, no one bats an eye. Danny burns one little city, everybody loses their minds.
  6. This might be all due to acting, to be honest. Look at Jaime. He started as a villain and we hated him, he took a turn to the light side and we loved him. But this also due to the great quality of acting Nicolaj Coster-Waldau put in. Joffrey could never pull of a "face"-turn. Maybe Emilia Clarke is way to likeable to be ever taken seriously as the show's hidden villain. I really wonder what was in the original mind of George RR Martin and how he saw her whole arc going. My point is it might have been more credible if the actress had the talent to pull it off.
  7. Mihai Brasoveanu

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    I was rewatching the episode. Danny says: "They look at you in a way they looked at me on the other side of the sea". What if, in the end, with all her dragons dead and nobody on her side, she goes back to Mereen to rule there? - sorry if it's been said already, hard to follow all the topics :))
  8. Mihai Brasoveanu

    What if Arya isn't going south to kill Cersei?

    I just can't trust the timeline anymore. In Game of Thrones time, I'd be able to get from Bucharest to London in 30 minutes, by foot.
  9. Mihai Brasoveanu

    What if Arya isn't going south to kill Cersei?

    There's a line that Cersei says: "Keep the gates open, I want everybody to get into the Red Keep". It's close to the Arya/Hound scene so I felt it was alluding to them getting in with the commoners. Has anyone else picked up on that?
  10. Mihai Brasoveanu

    Armies left on both sides

    So. What's the tally right about now going into the final battle. Danny: half of the Unsullied - 3-4,000 half of the Northmen (?!) Some of the Dothraki (?!) Knights of the Vale Cersei 20,000 Golden Company men Lannister Army (10,000 maybe) What about the rest? Riverrun army? Stormlands army? Dorne army? There seem to be so many players still involved that are unaccounted for. Will we ever see any of them again? This seems rushed.
  11. Mihai Brasoveanu

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    Is it me or are they building up that infamous "bittersweet ending" with something in the lines of Jon dying but Danny bearing his child/children? A lot of talk lately about how she will never have kids again.
  12. Mihai Brasoveanu

    [Spoilers] EP701

    What about the "gift" Euron promises Cersei? I'm putting my money on Dragonbinder.
  13. Mihai Brasoveanu

    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    I guess the teaser for episode 3 gets Marge off the hook. Maybe Olenna didn't even tell her about the plan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCi65nFm7Co
  14. Mihai Brasoveanu

    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    Damn it, man, now I have to see it a third time.
  15. Mihai Brasoveanu

    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    Seems like too high of a risk. If she got caught, "I'm and old lady, I got confused" - Uncle Leo style (Seinfeld). If Marge got caught, that would be war.