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  1. Odie

    References and Homages

    I bet that's where Ran lives :P
  2. Odie

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Jon 3 but actually Jon 1

    Wrong Jon chapter...
  3. Odie

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    [quote name='Papirolle' post='1588725' date='Nov 14 2008, 03.28']Welcome and thank you for joining us here! It is much appreciated that you take the time to read our suggestions. Now, lets get started: Please cast Peter Dinklage as Tyrion. Kidnap him if you have to! :)[/quote] YES THIS! All of it! Especially the last part. :D
  4. Odie

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Jon 3 but actually Jon 1

    Pretty much. It was changed from "If Lord Tywin was still alive" to "When Lord Tywin hears of this..." or something to that effect. I did startle George a bit during the signing when I told him "I noticed you changed what Slynt said right before he was hanged..." That was fun :) "How do you know what I changed?!?" he asked incrediously, after a slight, bewildered pause. I can't remember what I said, but Davos had the right responce. "Little birds" ;) The Giant was sent to Icemark.
  5. Odie

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Jon 3 but actually Jon 1

    Hey all - I found out last night that George is going to read this chapter again this afternoon at OddCon. I'm going to ask him about the whole Did Jon know that Tywin was dead question, if I get the chance.... though isn't the conversation we see between Sam and Jon in aFFC the one about the "paper shield" being sent to Tywin? Or was there another Jon and Sam conversation that I'm forgetting? Which conversation do we see in this chapter? George said something in another panel last night about "the dialog being exactly the same" (which is how I know this is the chapter he intends to read, on top of the fact that he posted on his Not-A-Blog that he was basically home for one night and then headed up here to Madison - not a lot of prep time there to get a new chapter together for reading) Sorry, I'm being unusally tired and dense this morning. And incomprehensible.
  6. Odie

    References and Homages

    I know that several Dornish houses are named after things from the works of Jack Vance, but I just started reading Lyonesse (which in and of itself is a homage - Jorah Mormont's second money-grubbing wife was named Lyonesse) and the castle of the king of Lyonesse has a tower called "The Tall Tower (sometimes called The Eyrie)" If it wasn't Vance I'd say it was a coincidence, but George adores his works.