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  1. Ser Greg of House House

    Where did Jon go ? SPOILERS

    Yeah, I'm not completely sold on Sansa as a queen, but if you go back to GRRM's fascination with dances of dragons including Dornish-supported challengers, it does set up the pieces for future wolves to do their own dances. After Bran's gone, Jon's and Sansa's children, particularly if they get married, would have a strong claim to King's Landing. Yet I doubt the other Houses would like to be ruled from Winterfell...
  2. Ser Greg of House House

    Where did Jon go ? SPOILERS

    Ok, then! There's a bit piece of foreshadowing that I've always thought was fitting for Jon's eventual ending, and the title "A Dream of Spring" is a dead giveway IMO. Jon's chapter in A Storm of Swords: "His lord father had once talked about raising new lords and settling them in abandoned holdfasts as a shield against wildlings. The plan would have required the Watch to yield back a large part of the Gift, but his Uncle Benjen believed that the Lord Commander could be won around, so long as the new lordlings paid taxes to Castle Black rather than Winterfell. "It is a dream for spring though," Lord Eddard had said. "Even the promise of land will not lure men north with a winter coming on" After the finale, I'm convinced that Jon will use Castle Black as headquarters for this "dream for spring", attracting new settlers to the North. The Watch is no more, there are few wildlings, so Jon will basically become a marcher lord. A higher lord, sworn to Sansa, but founding his own House, with lesser lords sworn to him. Something like the Dorne of the North. He's the perfect man for the job, and certainly Sansa would see the sense in strengthening her kingdom now they're independent.
  3. Ser Greg of House House

    Where did Jon go ? SPOILERS

    I've been gone for a long time as I was strictly a book reader, but after I gave up avoiding spoilers I decided to watch the show. Can I use evidence from the books to suggest what happened to Jon? I believe I have a clue, but I couldn't really find the FAQ or Rules. The only FAQ link I could find is broken.
  4. Ser Greg of House House

    How do i find or read sample chapters?

    I'm from Brazil, so there's no way to read the Barristan Selmy chapter? I searched for it and couldn't find it at all. Is there a kindle version I can buy with the chapter? The only chapter I haven't read because I just can't find it :(
  5. Ser Greg of House House

    How do i find or read sample chapters?

    I have a cheap Samsung phone and a Note 8. It's incompatible with both devices. I tried to install the APK directly but it won't work because you have to download stuff and it won't let you if your phone isn't compatible. :( it's sad
  6. Ser Greg of House House

    References and Homages

    Best reference ever was in South Park: