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  1. Not an agent...yet, but a wannabe. I see him as being like the Joker, "some men just want to watch the world burn." He wants to be a god. Personally, I think that makes him a very interesting villain, far from cartoonish or simply a mad man. Anyway, you should check out PoorQuentyns theories on Euron if you haven't already. Check out their Euron tag on their blog. These are some of PQ's best Euron theories: Euron and the Eldritch Apocalypse Euron is the new Night's King Euron is the rogue student of Bloodraven: Evidence basically he is the anakin to bloodravens Obi-Wan, while Bran is the Luke (I am simplifying this, but you get the gist) Possible pointers on the show that point towards this theory
  2. Well, if it hadn't been for Shireen, he would not have been able to read the 'TRAITOR' sign and get a full grasp of the situation.
  3. If they wanted to include Dorne for the 'female empowerment' they could have just cut the Sandsnakes and included Arianne and the queenmaker plot. I would have rather had the adventures of Darkstar than the show Sandsnakes. The problem is that it was illogical. Period. It did not even make sense within the shows verse. I have unsullied friends who can't wrap their heads around Oberyn's vengeance being the slaughter of his other sibling and nephew (the whole point of him being pissed about Elia). I thought this was a good episode, but the Dorne plot is dead. I am just going to ignore it. It is hands down the biggest disappointment of the show so far (followed by Sansa's arc last season).
  4. He is the third head of the dragon. I saw this on tumblr: http://thesleepyhousewife.tumblr.com/post/143359562081/i-dont-care-how-far-i-have-to-reach-to-tell But yeah, they seemed to be emphasizing the blood stain with Davos looking back at it.
  5. Has anyone saw this masterpiece yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rEvyOct7YE F*ck you Olly! :lmao:
  6. I can't see Jon remaining with the Nights Watch after that. In the books there were only a handful of people involved and they showed some remorse, on the show there were about 16 men involved. How can he remember all of their faces to execute them all? The only NW brother (not just an extra) that is not against him is Edd. There is no one else on Jon's side, they have been cutting away with them all so I can't see Jon remaining in the Castle Black setting. I think Mel and Davos will get Jon out of there and he will be taking on the Boltons/Littlefinger (?) next season with Sansa. He will enter the political game (D&D have probably been desperate for this) but will continue sticking with his goal to 'protect the realms of men' but it won't be as the LC of the NW. Jon and Sansa will be avenging the Starks next season. In the books I think it will be Stannis who defeats Roose and/or Ramsay but D&D have probably given this to Jon.
  7. The Selyse picture was real!!! The Jon one probably was too then!
  8. I'm worried about FTW now. It looks like Jon won't break his vows for the people he loves (Ned, Robb and Ygritte) but he will break them because Stannis needs his help....?
  9. Davos is an honourable man, he will do better on Team Stark/Snow.
  10. Hopefully, Stannis has nothing to do with it in the books, though!
  11. There it is. Shireen will be burning for her kings blood in the books.
  12. I haven't seen it yet, but this was posted on IMDb. It is from 'Inside the episode' -
  13. Apparently, the 'Inside the episode' reveals that GRRM was planning it all along and it is not another piece of D&D fanfiction...... :dunno: :bawl:
  14. When Jon killed the White Walker, it's Ice blade fell to the ground. He should have took it as a trophy to prove that he killed a White Walker and maybe it could have been used against other White Walkers. Maybe, they can be harmed by their own weapons? Although, I understand the situation was not suitable for strategic thoughts. Amongst the panic, he probably never even considered the Walkers weapon lying there.
  15. I laugh when people criticize Kit Harrington for his 'wooden performance' and showing 'no emotional range.' He is playing Jon Snow who is one of the most introvert characters in the books! You know, the same Jon Snow with a face that 'gives nothing away.' He is playing Jon Snow well. Some of Emilia Clarke's best acting was in season 1 when she was playing vulnerable Dany so she is certainly capable of sowing that side of Dany but the show are trying too hard to make Dany badass and regal. I would criticize the writing, not the actress.
  16. Excellent Review! You have basically highlighted all the issues I had with the episode.
  17. Exactly, 1/10 is ridiculous and unfair (a tantrum) however, the 10 mark having the most votes is really irritating me. The episode was very good but given the material it was based on, it could have been much better. I don't understand how any book reader can rate this as a 10? Yes, I know the show and books are different but the show is still based of the books and when they alter things- usually to simplify- it gets frustrating when the book version is much more raw and complex. With the right portrayal and build up (less talk on beetles and more on Tysha for example) things could be cinematic gold. GRRM has made a world full of complex characters and it saddens me (although, I expect it) when the show favours fan favourability over making a character more complex. Yes, I am talking about Tyrion. It could have been much better (LS being blaringly obvious as the PERFECT final scene) but I will re-watch it and try to focus on not what my expectations were, but what is being presented to me. However, setting the books and show apart is not something I can do. The show is an adaption of the books and the source material. Of course I am going to compare the two and judge how well portrayed the characters and scenes are and what the changes add to the story.
  18. Read this :lmao: It is usually just a joke but some people do ship it. I don't think he would go gay- too out of character but maybe a little Bi-curious. :P Seriously, I don't ship it romantically but I do find their relationship cute and I don't like Val/Jon (can't figure out why it is so glorified) so any alternative will do. This is my way of denying it.
  19. I gave it a 9.5 For me it was better than Blackwater. I was more invested in the threat facing the characters and enjoyed the displays of heroism and humour sprinkled through the epicness- it was more than just the effects. I was really feeling the characters. They all stepped up and accepted their fate- Grenn and the Vow scene was beyond touching. They were fighting for survival (all brothers in arms) and not just the usual power grab which made it unique for GoT. The whole thing was entertaining and movie worthy. My only criticism (preventing a 10/10) is finishing 8 minutes early and not including the whole battle and Stannis showing up. Dragging it out to next week degrades the whole thing as other, more exciting events will be happening. They should have ended the episode with Stannis turning up and the battle ending. I did enjoy that Jon was the hero of the final scene (being all matyr) but he could have easily had his shinning moment in the final with the LC election. However, I doubt we will be getting that now. He was great though and Kit did awesome. Overall, this will become a re-watch favourite! Awesome episode!
  20. Val/Jon shippers won't like that. :lol: Oh, well we lost Satin so Val getting the cut is only fair...please, not Alys though!
  21. No LS reveal = This forum will explode from the hissy fits! The LS reveal is the most worthy finale scene, not including it would be madness.
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