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  1. There has been a trade. Kings Landing Swords receives Teddy Bridgewater, Quarterback from Denver. The Duskendale Dames receive Zach Ertz, Tight End from Glendale by way of Philadelphia.
  2. They'll wave it away with "the Green Man reveals himself only to those with need. More people may make him think we don't need him." Or something like that.
  3. Outplaying? Jones hasn't played at all! Don't you see? That's Belichick's genius! He's finally removed passing from the equation!
  4. Really, Diane? The Bills were like straight up in goal-line once they hit the RedZone. Eta: This has been the most perfect game ever!!!
  5. I'm thinking this is gonna be the first film I've seen in theaters since The Revenge of Skywalker. No pressure, Wachowski's
  6. Nah, I'm a good girl now. Couldn't make fun of or attack a fly. No matter how outsized its buzzings. Wanna see my belly too?
  7. Dawg, they're about to cram/cut 4 books into like 6 episodes. You weren't gonna see that scene done justice anyways.
  8. Tell us more, great one. If we be worthy one day might we, too, learn to scry the stories as do you? Lo! Lo and woe upon us, to find oneself having been as blind is surely a gift of seeing!
  9. She's the military subordinate to Singh, the one he fires for his own incompetence...
  10. It's gonna be close. It'll be a helluva thing if two Everett fumbles lose me this. Good luck
  11. Also, I don't think any feelings came up for Perrin except for that (completely understandable) thousand-yard stare he's got going. Egwene hugged him a couple of times and said "it's not your fault." But that's as much character interaction as we've had for those two.
  12. I apologize, Ran. I didn't mean to come off as hostile, I was just excited.
  13. Dawg, I'm not mad they changed stuff. I'm mad the show is terrible. I'm watching with someone who hasn't read the books and he doesn't know anything about any of the characters except Nynaeve heals, Perrin killed his wife, and Egwene got brush raped. Because of this imbecilic urge to make the Dragon a mystery you've somehow managed to go 5 episodes and the most clearly defined characters are a red sister not named Elaida and a gaidin who is dead. Is that supposed to be a shield from criticism? That they made fundamental changes to the story somehow exempts them from an expectation that the material presented be of a pleasing calibre? What the hell kind of standard is that?
  14. Schlock. Pure schlock. I thought I was being hard on the show at work earlier, saying it was like season 8. May the light illumine me, that was horrible. Just horrible. What the hell is this Judkins character thinking??? Who is running this clown car company? You cut Caemlyn, the MAIN CHARACTER MEETING THE PRINCESS, and the badass Elaida Sedai, so that you can focus on two characters who do not survive as many episodes!?? And what's with all the hocus pocus rituals? Everybody's got a ritual! Why?? Five minutes of each episode, at least, is structured around some stupid ceremony that they made up. Which is fine, I guess, if the characters are actually gonna get developed instead of fluttering along with nothing to do. And if you're writing a story how in the hell do you not present Nynaeve as at least maybe being interested in the Reds? I'm not saying that fits the character, but you keep structuring scenes and dialogue around the possibility that she would go red, while everything about the character screams (as it should) that she would never do that. This completely eliminates any tension from Liandrin trying to recruit her, or explain why she might be more red than Moiraine thinks. Which means you're wasting my fucking time by bringing it up after that initial conversation, where it's appropriately treated as a joke. Who is writing this!?! Why? Why are they writing it like they've never seen a TV before? The sets look good. The CGI is good. I even think y'all are being hard on the Loial. But the story is just terrible.
  15. The skin colors of these characters have nothing to do with the dismal product on display. Bad writing. Terrible creative choices. Not great acting, though I'm loathe to be too hard on the actors because the people running this show have no idea what they're doing and it's probably a ramshackle work environment. That was terrible.
  16. Yo, it's straight garbage. Why have we gotten more character development for this dumbo gaidin who tells stories instead of scouting than any two of the main characters? And then he dies before I'm done exclaiming!?! The Fuck???
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