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  1. You have to explain that one to me. If she is already bleeding there's haemorrhage. Those are usually more common after delivery than before but OK. If the bleeding started before while giving birth, it wouldn't have taken long for her and the baby to die (it doesn't take long now with medical progress imagine back then). So Ned would not have waited quietly at her side.
  2. I was convinced when I read it the first time after Ned's chapter at the beginning of AGoT, none of the following books made think otherwise. I'm currently finishing AGoT again and I'm still convinced, probably even more than the first time.
  3. Jon's resurrection is what I'm looking forward most. I also believe he won't be the same. I expect him to be very focused on saving Westeros from the Others and ready to do anything for that. The only way to leave the NW would be for the King or Queen to release him from his vows. He's a powerful person in the North even Cersei wanted to depose him so I would expect fAegon to try to use him to get the support of the North... The battle of Meeren and hopefully Dany leaving Essos fAegon's storyline, I think he's bound to fail as everyone expects way too much from him, but his journey is interesting Bran, I just want to know how this goes... The Others, we still know so little. I need more to go on with crazy theories
  4. I think Jaime meeting Lady Stoneheart... I didn't like Catelyn but her chapters were interesting... That I'm dreading... And of course more Dothrakis... Let the khalasar retrieve Dany and have Marwyn and Moqorro convince her to move west and finish the Essos part of the story. I enjoyed it but it took enough time, I'll read the Battle of Meeren with excitement and then I'm good lol.
  5. The more I think of it and the more I'm convinced we'll have KL (getting rid of fAegon) playing out before the Long Night (containing or destroying for good the Others). It started with them it could be interesting to finish with them. I always thought Dany or Jon would die in that final battle against ice. I guess we'll see how things play out in Winds (especially how fast Dany will arrive in Westeros). When I read the books the first time it's at least what I thought. I must admit the show made me doubt that chronology but now it makes sense again. Dany dies (maybe à la Nissa Nissa), Jon saves the day... He stays helping the North rebuild leaving the South to Tyrion or whoever. Or Jon dies sacrificing his life (afterall he was born to be a Savior or the weapon again the Others whether you think he's Azor Ahai or Lightbringer), Dany goes back south and leaves the North in the hands of the remaining Stark.
  6. A person? Who apart Hodor? Did I miss someone? Hodor's brain is fried he's easier to control than Summer.
  7. As far as we know no one can warg into a dragon. You can only warg in lower intelligence beings and dragons are supposed to be highly intelligent. When the North was conquered no one could do it or the outcome might have been different.
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