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  1. Lady Valicious

    Poll. is Greywind dead?

    Dany had a vision of a dead man with a wolf's head, that made me believe they really did that. Those visions seem all pretty accurate... Sure one could say it just means the man was a Stark to which is possible. But then what would have happened to GW? I doubt he took the death of Robb well, what would have done with him? Release him? Rather not... Keep him prisoner? What for? He is sadly very dead even if his head was never put on Robb's body...
  2. Lady Valicious

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    The real Aegon was born early 282, we're in 300 so he is 18... At least that's what Jon Connington thinks.
  3. Lady Valicious

    Would Daenerys find a home in Asshai?

    @The Mother of The Others Oh I hope you are right. I definitely want more magic as things go to their conclusion. I totally expect the battle against the Others to be mostly magical. What gives me hope is that Dany sees in her Trident dream an army clad in ice and not thousands of wights fighting for them. I want to know what they are about and why they go south to fight men... And that dragon horn one part of me wants it to be genuine and to succeed, the other wants the dragons to all go to Westeros with Dany (I really want Jon to bond with Viserion). Marwyn is totally the one who will tell us more about passing beneath the Shadow. Maybe he will go there again for Dany while she goes to Westeros. If there's anything to learn or get there he's the perfect candidate... Maybe going with Jorah who was pushing her to go there at the beginning...
  4. Lady Valicious

    Would Daenerys find a home in Asshai?

    I really wish Dany would go there, but depending on how long the Dothraki part will take it might not happen. It's like there's a piece of the puzzle there (not sure which one lol). I had forgotten about that part in the Bran chapter... Maybe he saw new dragons or maybe those were Dany's as she will go. I still hope Marwyn will meet her. He traveled to many places Asshai included maybe he can make sense of Quaithe's insistence that she go there. He should know what to expect.
  5. Lady Valicious

    Would Daenerys find a home in Asshai?

    I always understood it more like she needs to go to Asshai not necessarily to retrieve something. And she shouldn't go anywhere before that. Quaithe tells her not to trust the people who are coming her way at the end of ADwD because she knows they want her to go to Westeros right away. The point is the Shadowlands are a dangerous but also very magical place. She needs to pass beneath the shadow to touch the light... So she needs to go there to find the truth? To find a way to destroy a menace? To become a magical being? Lots of people think there are still dragons there... Could she learn how to control hers better? It might be needed for her to become who she really is (maybe like Bran in his weirwood tree) and she needs a specific knowledge. One thing I believe is that she is not meant to stay there at least not for now. She has only to pass... Nothing is said about staying, she is meant to go elsewhere and Quaithe's prophecy is clear about that aspect. Maybe it also means that if she doesn't go she will fail in her next journey (conquering Westeros). Then it could also be that for whatever reason Quaithe wants to take control of her and her going there is just a way to have this happen... Derail her from the real journey... Quaithe has been mostly right, but so have others. We don't really know or understand her agenda. Maybe she wants her to go there to add her dragons to the herd of dragons already there... Lol. This has been boggling my mind for a very long time and I'm afraid I haven't come up with a clear idea.
  6. Lady Valicious

    The Line(s) of Aerys and Rhaella (and Duncan)

    I don't understand the point of this. What does it bring to the story? Let's humor you and say Rhaegar is not Aerys' son. He's still a dragon himself by his mother. So all the children he has can be the one of the 3 heads. They are just not TPTWP if we believe Jenny (who seems rarely wrong). Then you seem to forget Dany. There's one certainty she's the daughter of Rhaella and Aerys conceived after a rape if not witnessed at least heard by several people. So whatever else happened with Rhaegar and his potential offspring, Dany is one of the heads. Or are we to assume here again that suddenly she's the daughter of some other guy? So one other conclusion would be that she is the Prince... Another thing is if Elia or anyone else was a known bastard of Aerys why would he have sent people to find a Valyrian bride for Rhaegar? He would just have married him with one of these daughters, any of them would have done. He settled on Elia because she was the one who had the most Targaryen blood in that generation. The only thing your theory could explain is why Rhaella did not like Elia... That's one of my conclusions based on Viserys' low opinion of Elia. His mother sheltered him from Aerys as much as she could. From there it's an easy step to take and to say that his opinion stems from Rhaella, things he heard her say or even her behavior, I'll take that step lol.
  7. Lady Valicious

    How do you think Tommen and Myrcella will die?

    Aegon will never make a truce with a Lannister, they had his mother raped and then killed with his sister (not mentioning the baby boy whose skull was crushed against a wall). They then allied with Robert and Cersei married him. Currently there is no antagonism between fAegon and Dany, he follows Tyrion's advice to prove himself so he can meet her as an equal as she's already a queen. At this point he's likely to want to marry her to start the Great Targaryen dynasty again... Unless Dany is really fast he will probably take or at least attack KL long before she makes it to Westeros.
  8. Lady Valicious

    The whole "Tower of Joy" story is flawed

    You have to explain that one to me. If she is already bleeding there's haemorrhage. Those are usually more common after delivery than before but OK. If the bleeding started before while giving birth, it wouldn't have taken long for her and the baby to die (it doesn't take long now with medical progress imagine back then). So Ned would not have waited quietly at her side.
  9. When did I say that? I said I thought Rhaegar discussed having this third child with Lyanna with Elia, because of the prophecy. He already told her about the Song of Ice and Fire. Rhaegar never thought he would die at the Trident. He certainly did not prepare for an eventual demise and the consequences for his family. When did we hear Lyanna say she wanted to be burried in Winterfell? I just read AGoT again and the only thing we have is Ned saying it to Robert. But in his memories of Lyanna and his fevered dreams she does not say that. Just the Promise Me. It's the explanation he gave to stop the discussion with Robert.
  10. That's what Ned says, we don't know for sure. I think Rhaegar shared the whole prophecy with her and probably Elia. So like others said her concern was foremost for that child to survive as it had already cost the realm so much.
  11. Lady Valicious

    Aegon VI

    FAegon will want to marry someone with Targaryen blood. There aren't many women/girls from high born families who fit the bill... Shireen, Myrcella, Arianne and Dany... I don't think he would consider Shireen an option as she had greyscale. Myrcella is supposedly a Baratheon (we know she isn't) but the daughter of the usurper dog who didn't punish the murderers of his mother and sister, in his logic that won't do. His best option would be Dany (many around him think he needs to marry her to prove he's Rhaegar's son), I really doubt she'd go for it but she could surprise us... This only leaves Arianne... Who's already there and very beautiful... Now if he were logical he would go for Margaery to secure the Reach (but at this point she's damaged goods) or a Stark girl (Sansa) to ally with the North and the Riverlands (but very little people know where she is). But I don't think he's that logical.
  12. Lady Valicious

    Who will be Lord Commander after Jeor and Jon were killed by mutiny?

    I think he will carry on. I doubt he'll come back as he used to be. He will be focused on stopping the Others, more so now that he was brought back by R'hllor. He will eventually go back to Winterfell but right he would have to go as a deserter as no one would buy the "my watch has ended because I died". How would the other northern houses look at him if he became one of those Ned would have executed without the blink of an eye?
  13. I was convinced when I read it the first time after Ned's chapter at the beginning of AGoT, none of the following books made think otherwise. I'm currently finishing AGoT again and I'm still convinced, probably even more than the first time.
  14. Lady Valicious

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1. I don't think we'll ever know 2. Still think it was Lyanna Stark 3. More than one person, the Green Grace is one of them 4. Lyanna Stark 5. I don't think it really matters. He is a dragon, probably a black one as Varys hinted but he could also be a descendant of one of Aegon V's brothers (one had a daughter the other a son). I don't think he's Rhaegar's... 6. I really don't know... I'd bet on Ramsay. 7. Ramsay but I think it was tampered with by someone at the Wall 8. Not Benjen Stark for sure. Probably someone from the NW, I don't think we'll ever know. 9. I'd say Mance but just because I can't come up with another name. 10. Rhaegar Targaryen was always my first choice. I admit I'm having doubts now. He set everything in motion that led to Jon's and Daenerys' births, I think Jon and one of the dragons (Viserion) are the new Lightbringer.
  15. Lady Valicious

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    No, the book would not be called ASoIaF if he were.