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  1. Any theories on why Euron is obsessed with cutting out tongues? I understand that he needs silence from some of his servants (dusky woman etc). But why Hewett's bastard? He doesn't need her silence. She's about to be sacrificed in whatever sorcerous assault Euron is hoping to inflict upon Oldtown.
  2. There seems to be a lot of speculation that Ramsay plans to commit patricide. From what we know of Roose Bolton, I think he's too smart to fall into some trap of Ramsay's making. In fact, I suspect that Ramsay is the one who is in danger from Roose, once fake Arya is married and pregnant. I doubt that Roose plans to keep someone intractable and unpredictable like Ramsay alive longer than necessary. However, I do wonder which "war" Ramsay is riding to. The obvious choice is the Ironmen in the Neck, but there is also Stannis on the Wall. Not sure that he has the troops to be taking on Stannis though...
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