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  1. I saw Walder Frey flirting with you before you killed him you looked beautiful
  2. Cersei got it! Tarly told Jaime he got the gold to KL before the battle begun
  3. Ok screw the Targaryen haters this is the most amazing scene in this show's history so far hands down
  4. She is attacking an army, not innocent people. Where is your logic?
  5. YAAAASSSS FOR LANNISTER FIRE I've waited seven fucking seasons so see House Lannister lose something (and hey I'm usually a supporter)
  6. WAIT. So the gold went ahead of the army??? What kind of BS plot armour was this???? oh come on. Now this is pathetic
  7. Hahahaha now that is something I can't discuss about. You have every right to dislike the character of course. I myself hate Jaime Lannister, the only thing likeable about him was his redemption arc in the books and I'm not sure we're getting that
  8. As much as Daenerys is a brat, sorry guys but she isn't the Mad Queen. She is holding her dragons at bay. In the meantime, Cersei blew up a portion of the city killing a lot of people and no one is addressing that? Where is this show's (and its audience's) logic?
  9. I can't believe people in this forum are more bothered by Daenerys' "bend the knee" arc (guys this makes sense she is still getting to know Jon) than "Cersei is a badass". I love me some Cersei Lannister, but this is ridiculous. The fact that she is downplaying every single person in Westeros (including fucking Varys and Tyrion), and now got the Iron Bank support apparently, is too much for me. I want to rant and rave.
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