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  1. I have a question. I downloaded Stylish both for Safari (Mac at home) and for Chrome (PC at work). Installing the skin was obviously much easier on Chrome than on Safari (had to cut and paste in Safari), but it did work. The only difference is that, on Chrome, the text in posts is white, whereas in Safari the text is black, which I think is a mistake (and coupled with the dark background, effectively makes it unreadable). Any way to make it work on Safari? PS: More info - In Safari, not all the text is black. E.g., the custom titles around the avatars and the time/date stamps above each post are white, as are the time/date stamps in quoted text. But the text within a post itself is black. eta: I'm not a CSS expert, but if you can give me a way to cut and paste text into the CSS, I can do that, at least.
  2. While casting Dinklage is good news, I'm far more excited about McCarthy being brought on. This could be a potentially fantastic choice. Anyone who hasn't seen either The Station Agent or The Visitor should go out and see these movies now. Some people might be put off by the slowness of these two films, but both screenplays were character-driven and McCarthy (and the actors) did an excellent job keeping that part of the films true. While ASOIAF is nowhere near these two relatively small stories in scale or setting, what they share with GRRM's work are: character study, moral ambiguity, and complexity of circumstances. I think McCarthy will do well with the pilot.
  3. Can I make a suggestion? Can we change the name of this particular category to, say, "Series General" or something like that to distinguish it from the "General" category in the books forum? A lot of people primarily use "View New Posts" to read the board and the subforum name doesn't show up in the list - only the category name.
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