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  1. Holy shit! You were right. I missed that entirely. http://uproxx.com/sports/kevin-hart-philadelphia-eagles-super-bowl-stage-denied-video/2/
  2. Praise be to the old Gods, new, spaghetti monster, or anything else anyone believes in! ETA: Great game!
  3. As a Denver fan, let me tell you, you might to rethink that.
  4. Since I'm stuck watching this alone tonight, I'm going to break my two year drought of only lurking to say....Fuck Yeah Philly! Full disclosure, I couldn't care less about Philly, just hate New England that much. Also, great game so far.
  5. Hutch

    Archer Season Whatever: Caress of Krieger

    http://www.ew.com/article/2015/07/10/archer-comic-con-video Archer talks comic con.
  6. Hutch


    Any fan of Belwas, is good by me. A hearty welcome friend.
  7. Hutch


    Hello, and a welcome to you both. The people around here are great, and hopefully you both enjoy your time on the boards.
  8. Hutch


    Welcome Wildfire King. Hopefully you enjoy yourself here, and I wouldn't worry about shaky English. There are a lot of posters from all over, so folks are usually pretty cool about it.
  9. Hutch


    Welcome Winters Winds and DragonWolfRose. Hopefully you both enjoy your time here. Since you're both still reading, here's an obligatory "the forum is dark and full of spoilers." You might want to stick to the still reading section unless you don't mind spoilers. Anyway, have fun.
  10. Hutch


    Welcome. Hopefully you enjoy it here. A word of warning if you're still on your first read though. This place is chock full of spoilers, so you may want to stick to the still reading section. Anyway, have fun.
  11. After finishing, I'm still going with it being a stretch. I like the idea though. +1 for something new.
  12. An interesting idea. Arya's arc would need to go in a very different direction, but I'd enjoy that. I don't see it as likely, but still an interesting idea. Eta: I guess you weren't done yet. My bad.
  13. Hutch


    Welcome BearQueen and Liz. Hopefully you enjoy it here as much as everyone else.