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  1. I'm not gonna look up who scored how many goals but last season was our lowest goals tally since 2016/2017. It appears that all those people who predicted that Ronaldo would score goals but make the team worse were right. I recall Juve fans having the same complaint.
  2. We were scoring more goals before Ronaldo joined. We would need to sign two forwards if he leaves though which won't be easy. I'm fine with him leaving. He's 37 and declining, we cannot build around him and we really need to start getting our wage bill under some sort of control. Ronaldo moving on takes a huge chunk off the wage bill. The big concern for me now is that if nobody wants to take on his wages, he's going to be disgruntled and might end up poisoning the dressing room.
  3. Spurs have made some quality signings. They've left Arsenal and United in the dust and have the superior manager too. They've most likely secured themselves a top 4 finish at a minimum. Arsenal and United will have to hope for an implosion from either Chelsea or Spurs or bank on winning the EL in order to get back into the CL.
  4. I've read some reports claiming that when Bremer renewed with Torino, he had a low release clause inserted into his contract – various reports claim that the release clause becomes active either in January or at the end of the season. If true, I doubt Torino will get as much as €40m unless there's a bidding war.
  5. Agresti reported that Juve would prefer to renew his contract but De Ligt has not been as open to a contract renewal as Juve would like so they are prepared to sell. There's been rumours that they would look to replace him with Bremer (Inter have also been linked to Bremer to replace Skriniar who could be sold to PSG). I'm surprised that more clubs aren't looking at Bremer. He's been great for Torino and apparently a €25-30m bid would get the deal done. Wish United would stop wasting their time trying to sign Ajax players that the club don't want to sell unless they receive grossly inflated transfer fees – just move on, ffs! I'd rather have Bremer over Timber and Raphinha over Antony - they would cost less and are currently the better players too.
  6. Starting to look like United just replaced one set of incompetent morons with another.
  7. Nah. Sporting Director is beneath Ed. He's a CEO! eta. reports that PSG have reached an agreement with Galtier on a 2-year contract with an option for a further year.
  8. Reports say that they are on the lookout for a sporting director though. Names being mentioned are Michael Edwards (apparently he's already turned them down) and their former sporting director, Michael Emenalo.
  9. I don't think City will sell Sterling for £21m but I doubt they will get £40-50m either. Sterling is also on big wages (reportedly £300k/week including bonuses).
  10. Don't have to worry about that. Plenty of reports that Eriksen wants to remain in London (and prefers a CL team) so Spurs are the most likely to sign him. Failing that he'd probably renew with Brentford.
  11. Each subsequent season is worse than the last imo so season 3 was the weakest of all. The plot was more straightforward and they did not make the same mistake as in season 2 where it seemed the writers were more interested in putting together a convoluted plot in an attempt to foil reddit detectives from figuring out their plot twist as they did in season 1 but there are no memorable episodes in season 3 (like Kiksuya in season 2) so season 3 is largely forgettable for me and I only vaguely recall the season. I think one of the problems of season three is that Westworld, like Jurassic Park, loses much of its magic once you leave the park.
  12. At least your lot have made some signings. Our morons haven't even gotten one deal over the line.
  13. It's only the one matchday that's played on the 28th and 29th that is being postponed. There will still be matches on boxing day, new year's eve and 2nd January. There are reports now that Chelsea are prepared to compromise on the loan fee. Apparently they would be prepared to accept €12m instead of €20-25m.
  14. Matt Law reporting that Chelsea and Inter have opened talks over Lukaku's return to Inter (expected to be a loan deal). Says that Lukaku would have to accept a wage cut and Chelsea would likely have to cover part of his wages as well to make the move happen. ETA.
  15. Juve no longer have prime Bonucci, Barzagli, Chiellini, Pirlo, Marchisio/Vidal to cover for him. He might do better than he did at United but Pogba is the very definition of "on his day" type of player and he's injury prone as well. Either way, I'm glad to see the back of him. If United were a well run club, we'd have sold him 3 years ago. It seems that PSG have run out of options. How many managers with a history of European success are actually available? If the rumours are to be believed then Zidane, Allegri and Mourinho all turned down offers.
  16. Looks like PSG have failed to convince Zidane. Di Marzio reporting that they've turned their attention to Christophe Galtier and are close to reaching an agreement. Agresti reporting that Juve has finalised the deal with Pogba and will officially announce his signing in July.
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