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  1. In a position above Murtough with full control over the football side of things? Yes. But Rangnick was proposing major changes (open-heart surgery as he put it) and the Glazers don't like anyone rocking the boat too much so they went with internal yes men who have been a part of the problem.
  2. It's a risk for Potter but this is also too good of an opportunity to pass up. Brighton are a very well run club but at the end of the day, there is a low ceiling for club's like Brighton no matter how well run they are. Potter has a better chance of winning trophies at an underperforming Chelsea than he does at an overperforming Brighton and he will get a significant pay bump too. Plus, good managers have a huge amount of faith in their own abilities and will believe that they are the ones to turn things around. Football is also a fickle business – a bad run for Brighton and Potter's stock could tank. Rodgers is a recent example of this – two seasons ago his stock was high and he was being touted as a potential successor to Guardiola at City. Now, his stock is at rock bottom.
  3. Potter is top choice. There are reports already that Chelsea have approached Brighton. I don't think Zidane is a viable candidate. He's been turning down offers since leaving Real. Seems pretty clear that he's waiting for the France NT job.
  4. Tuchel's sacking is not that big of a shock – it looked like he'd lost the dressing room and there's only one outcome once that happens. A managerial revolving door hasn't had any negative impact on Chelsea previously. They just moved on to the next guy and continued to win.
  5. Leipzig losing to Shakhtar. Tedesco probably sacked in the morning if he loses this one.
  6. It was a good game. Both sides played reasonably well. United were very good on the counter which is unsurprising. 3-1 is a flattering scoreline; a draw would've been a fair result. Eriksen was the best player on the pitch.
  7. Maybe Poch. Leicester were not very active in the transfer market but their squad is still top 10 quality. They should look for a higher caliber manager than relegation specialist journeymen although they might panic and go that route.
  8. These refs are corrupt. For two professional referees to look at multiple replays and still disallow that Newcastle goal goes beyond just mere incompetence.
  9. That 2nd half made for grim viewing. More dull than the 2nd half against Southampton. At least Southampton played some good football but Leicester looked lost and we also decided to stop trying and just see out the game in 3rd gear. At least Ten Hag has shown that he can be pragmatic since this squad is not really suited to the style of football he normally likes to implement. Important win for us since our next game is most likely a loss.
  10. Simon Stone reported that the deal is not happening.
  11. Boehly has finally landed a CF. Chelsea have agreed a fee with Barca for Auba - €14m + Alonso. Braithwaite's contract has been terminated and he will be joining Espanyol.
  12. This is quite the surprise – Romero reporting that Inter has reached an agreement with Barca for Jordi Alba on loan. Barca will be covering 60% of his wages.
  13. So just another hattrick for Haaland. Imagine how much better he would be if he were 1) a Guardiola player and 2) Premier League ProvenTM.
  14. Leicester might be trying to balance their books in anticipation of the new spending limits set to be phased in over the coming years. Martyn Ziegler reported yesterday that the PL is set to introduce spending limits similar to UEFA's new squad cost rule where clubs will be limited to spending no more than 70% of their revenue in a calendar year on wages, transfer fees and agent fees. The PL's limit might be set a bit higher than UEFA's and the restrictions will be phased in as is the case with UEFA where the limit will be 90% for 2023, 80% for 2024 and 70% from 2025 onwards. Amortisation. Just like with Kepa. Longer contract means the transfer fee and agent commissions can be spread out over a longer period.
  15. Fulham have looked the best of the promoted sides thus far.
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