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  1. I doubt anything will come of it either. The worst outcome would be that the child is stillborn. If not then I expect the child will be perfectly healthy. Afterall, 30+ years of raging alcoholism has had no physical or mental effect on Ardee and her heavy drinking while pregnant had no effect on Savine. Agreed. I'd be disappointed if we end up in a situation where Bayaz was just playing everyone again. I'm listening to TLAOK and at one point Logen mentions that losing an enemy is worse than losing a friend especially an enemy that one has had for a long time. So I'm hoping that the downfall of Khalul has had an impact on Bayaz resulting in Bayaz losing some of his edge and thus not being in control (or anticipating the magnitude) of the situation developing in Midderland - he's also been very preoccupied with Zacharus and Cawneil in both books.
  2. Seconded. Although, I doubt Abercrombie will be doing a prequel trilogy. If he continues writing in TFL world then I expect he will follow the same formula i.e. standalone sequels and a collection of short stories (perhaps some highlights of what Ferro was up to could be covered in a few short stories).
  3. Yes. In BSC. The eldest daughter is Tee, youngest daughter is Kande and the son is Cas.
  4. So, does anyone know if Abercrombie plans to continue writing stories set in TFL world? I hope he does but I also hope that if he does do further standalones, that none are set in the North. I've had my fill of the North to the point that characters and conflicts are beginning to blur together. The setting has become stale too. Future standalones should be set in Gurkhul/Kanta (the Kantic continent has largely been ignored in Abercrombie's world building), the Old Empire (some interesting happenings there with Zacharus and Cawneil) and Styria again (Jappo POV, please!).
  5. Yeah, this is pretty much it. It was understandable to view Craw and Clover as fairly interchangeable right up until the end of ALH. The two characters were so similar that it isn't all that surprising that some people got them mixed up because Clover's chapters up to that point came across as "we've read all of this before".
  6. Yeah, I also found it odd the Savine would not accompany Leo to Sipani for such an important mission especially given that Savine is well aware of Leo not being the sharpest tool in the shed. The only rationale I can come up with is that perhaps Savine believed that, despite Leo's shortcomings as a negotiator/diplomat, the offer of Westport would be too big a carrot for Jappo to turn down. But Leo screwed the pooch even more than Savine could have anticipated by getting all patriotic and not even making the offer to Jappo that they had agreed to.
  7. Glokta possibly being involved has nothing to do with him becoming de facto leader or anything like that. I think Glokta knows that his time is running out and this is his last opportunity to try and deliver a hammer blow to Bayaz. If Glokta is involved then it makes sense for him and Pike to be working together - with his failing health and inability to get around on his own anymore, he would need an accomplice who can travel, gather allies and coordinate things on the ground. "Sometimes, to change the world, we must first burn it down" - Glokta.
  8. I think that Judge is a new character and hasn't appeared before in the series.
  9. I'd say that, barring a few exceptions, the vast majority in this thread did enjoy the book rather than 7 pages of people moaning about it. However, there are valid criticisms raised. Broad, for instance, is a very bland character - he doesn't provide any wit, humour (dark or otherwise) or any insightful observations whatsoever. Also, Caurib. What's up with that? The Shanka can raise the dead now apparently which was never ever hinted at at any point in the series. Any old witch could have worked just as well. The absence of the Union's fleet was a pretty big omission as well - earlier in the book the Lord Admiral had mentioned that the Styrians are building new ships with cannons whereas the Union fleet is in poor condition due to lack of investment. However, the fleet still exists and the Crown had forewarning and were able to prepare - an aging fleet with proper warships and personnel trained in naval battle would still have crushed the main body of the rebel forces before they even set foot in Midderland. No good reason was given as to why the Union navy sat on the sidelines.
  10. Finished up last night. I enjoyed the book but agree with others that the first half was a bit of a drag while the second half was really good. Orso, Vick and Rikke's chapters were easily the best - some excellent character work for those three. Broad's were by far the weakest with Clover's coming in a close second. I found myself eventually just skimming Broad's chapters and I doubt I missed anything worthwhile while Clover's chapters were pretty much a rehash from ALH. I hope Joe has a good arc planned for Leo otherwise I'm not sure what the point was in keeping him alive if he's just going to be a bit part player or continue just being a puppet. Savine was utterly despicable and if there were any justice in that world, she would have been doing a little dance at the end of a rope the second after she gives birth....but there isn't so she won't. I agree that she isn't nearly as smart as she thinks she is - Vick mentions something along those lines and Glokta had warned her that politics is a very different beast compared to business. I also had a feeling from ALH that Glokta might have been helping along her investments but I like the suggestion made upthread that it was Jezal ensuring her investments succeed out of guilt which would also explain businesses failing so spectacularly after his death. That made Savine think she's some kind of prodigy but in truth she isn't any smarter that her rival Selest dan Heugen. A bit disappointed with the reveal of Pike being the Weaver. Maybe Joe has a surprise there. Glokta pulling the strings would be better coz I don't want him to just meekly retire into obscurity. Although I was hoping that Sulfur would end up being the Weaver - Malmer had said that he didn't really see the Weaver's face but was then cut off when Pike entered the room. Pike's burned face is the most distinctive thing about him so I was sure that Malmer was about to mention different coloured eyes - Sulfur is regularly described as being utterly nondescript except for his eyes. Plus, even though Sulfur is of the Order of the Magi now, I get the impression that Bayaz still sees him as a mere servant and errand boy. Thought there would be some disgruntlement there and Bayaz's long time apprentice being the architect of his downfall would be sweet. Zuri is the East Wind. The tightly bound bandage(s) and having suffered no injuries whatsoever from a nearby cannon exploding has to be a dead giveaway. Should've just confirmed it in this book.
  11. I'd say if they are looking to wrap up then they'd probably go for at least two seasons.
  12. Up to episode 8. The season has been marginally better than season 3. The battles have been dogshit though. The Welsh blindly charging Sigtryggr's army at night was laughably stupid.
  13. Unknown why he married her and the only mentions of her is Uhtred complaining about her piety and apparent stupidity. He isn't writing his memoirs. He's simply narrating the story. In Sword Song: “I have always hated writing, and it has been years since I last used a quill. My wife’s priests now scratch letters for me, but they know I can read what they write so they take care to write what I tell them.” It's also mentioned in several books that he now employs poets and harpists to sing his praises. ETA. Perhaps once Uhtred has finished recounting his tale we may find out that he's been narrating the story to a priest (or someone else) who is committing the story to parchment but as of Sword of Kings, there isn't any suggestion I could find of Uhtred having his memoirs written.
  14. I'm in a generous mood so I'll say 4/10. The people involved with the technical aspects of the production and the actors did a good job. It was the writers who failed miserably. Also, at least I laughed a lot at the sheer stupidity of it all.
  15. If you ever want to just change the filter but keep ad blocking on, click on the uBlock Origin icon on the toolbar and select the option to open the dashboard (first icon from the right in my case). In the Dashboard tab, select "3rd party filters". Under "Privacy" heading select "Fanboy's Enhanced Tracking List", deselect "EasyPrivacy" and/or "Aguard Spyware Filters" and click "Apply Changes". I've found that those two filters are a bit too aggressive.
  16. Yes. I also had the problem you have described. Turns out it was one of the filter lists in uBlock origin that was causing the problem. Changing to another filter (Fanboy's Enhanced Tracking List) solved the problem.
  17. Do you have an adblock extension installed on Firefox by any chance.
  18. More than likely, it is just a false positive. McAfee's online threat intelligence shows the site is safe. This site checker uses McAfee's SiteAdvisor API and shows that no Firewall is detected - this is probably what's causing the false positive.
  19. As a standalone I would rate this episode 9/10 (thought it just dragged on a bit too long. Could have been shortened by 15 minutes or so without losing anything). However, I simply cannot just ignore the nonsense setup in the previous episodes which makes me want to rate this episode 5/10. But I decided to split the difference and go with 7/10. Set design - great; costuming - very good; music - excellent; CGI - top notch; acting - mostly good, but a turd of a script continues to drag the show down. And this is the most frustrating thing about GoT for me: the show could have been so much more if only the same amount of care, effort and attention to detail that goes into set and costume design, music choices and CGI was put into the writing. 4/10 for the season. Weakest season of GoT saved only by a big budget.
  20. 5/10. And that is only because my expectations of the show have been severely reduced. In truth the episode probably deserves around a 3-4 rating. The quality of the writing and dialogue has been rubbish since season 5 (and has actually gotten worse with each season since then). Having a big budget is the only saving grace of the show now.
  21. She tells Ned the baby was aborted in the books but not in the show. In the show there is also the scene between Cersei and Robert where she mentions their dead son so that puts to bed any question that she may have lied to Cat. Plus, it really stretches believability that the Queen, in the very public eye of the royal court, could carry a pregnancy to term, then give away said baby, then lie to the king about it and no-one is the wiser. I also don't see a narrative reason for doing such a thing. I also don't put much stock in the unreliable narrator argument unless it is backed up by solid reasoning based on actual evidence. I mean, characters are simply not unreliable narrators all of the time.
  22. In the books, Cersei never gave birth to Robert's child. She mentions that Robert got her pregnant once but Jaime found a woman to "cleanse" her and that Robert never even knew that she was pregnant.
  23. Cersei did mention a black haired baby boy back in season 1 who died of a fever. That should mean that Maggy's prophecy in season 5 was already null and void since she said Cersei would only have three children.
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