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  1. Edd Tollett's One Vote

    dany and sansa

    I must be the only person who didn’t think this ‘conflict’ had either of the two characters acting poorly. I read a lot of the comments before watching the show and I was getting anxious when watching to see how Sansa (a book favourite) was going to be a complete moron. But, tbh, her response was pretty expected for me and not as bad as I find people are making it out to have been. She greeted Dany and welcomed her to Winterfell as she was supposed to. Did she have a tone? For sure! But it wasn’t like she said anything she wasn’t supposed to. Then at the meeting with the Northerners, she spoke up, questioning the supplies. Now, we can go back and forth on how to speak to monarchs and Westerosi courtesy and what not, but IMO, the show has consistently depicted the North as being much more blunt with their leaders and having a more democratic speaking process at councils. So, for show Sansa to speak in what might be considered a ‘rude’ tone, seems very in sync with how the North handles things and how she would handle things now in the North as LoW. I also thinks Sansa has a very valid concern. Are there enough provisions? Because yes, obviously the North need allies and assurance but it isn’t silly to worry about feeding them! Imagine bringing this massive army and then them running out of food before the white walkers get there! That’s not going to be of any help then, is it! And they would in fact be better without them. But, saying that Sansa’s reactions are justified doesn’t mean Dany is a villain. Smirking at people being scared of her dragons or not she has also chosen to come and save those people. And she does expect Sansa to receive her better, because that’s what she has come to expect. In Dany’s experience she has quite consistently had allies who adore her and only enemies that treat her coldly. Then when Sansa is blunt in the meeting, Dany, who isn’t used to having other people speaking to her/about her in that way, is understandably annoyed and feels like Sansa is crossing a line. Dany would likely even cast her in a ‘villain’ light, confusing Sansa’s lack of faith for a desire to usurp her. Actually, having rambled in this way I’ve convinced myself that this is probably one of the more realistic character ‘conflicts’ they’ve created haha. The blunt lady of the North (which show Sansa is) and the proud Queen were of course going to clash! Of course... their ‘conflict’ will go absolutely no where so it’s pointless. But at least I don’t think it’s illogical
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    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    I don't know. Not all of the cast members were part of it though. I guess it was just the ones that wanted to do it?