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  1. Man I am just doing every pick wrong this year and forgot about the 10am kickoff. I think maybe I will actually start using the coin flip meathod for half the games and see if that works better
  2. It was a horrible movie, bad at everything. I saw better FX in the reruns of 60's monster movies than some of the scenes from this pile of crap.
  3. Well I am still enjoying the wins despite knowing it's smoke and mirrors. We have the Rams next so we will see if the Dallas D is for real or not.
  4. I don't know the signs well enough so I won't guess. I have to assume that the doctor who evaluated him knows it though and he was specifically looking for signs of it. I occasionally have a nerve or whatever in my back on the right side that when I step just right it buckles my knees and I probably look like he did. After the initial buckle and I recover it is gone and I may not feel it for 6 months. I really hope it was a back issue and they (including him) didn't try to hide something because this looks way worse.
  5. Didn't an independent doctor evaluate him and clear him, no concussion symptoms at all? This could be signs of something more serious.
  6. Yep, Coolio nailed that one. Only remember a couple songs of his but that one still gets the volume turned up. He at least he lived to see 59
  7. Yes but the tag is one season and that's it, not 5 seasons at 50mill each guaranteed. He is sure playing this season like he should be paid the most.
  8. I'd try to do 190-200 mil for 4 years fully guaranteed. Protects the team from long term risk from injury or age slowing him down and if plays well gets him another big contract.
  9. Fred Ward passed recently. He was in The Right Stuff and what I really remember him from, Tremors! He was in a lot of other things but he'll always be from Tremors in my mind.
  10. Lol, they showed a graphic in 4th quarter about the Giants drafting 8 OL(? don't remember exact number or years) in the first three rounds in the last few drafts and not one has made a pro bowl or even signed a second contract with them. Neal, last years 1st rd pick will likely be the one to break that curse.
  11. I think I enjoyed this episode of House Dragon almost as much as any other. They have used these episodes to get viewers to take sides And Daemon Looking forward to the rest of the series now that the groundwork has been laid.
  12. Maybe you guys can give us Golladay for free, eat half his contract and we'll take him off your hands? I don't understand what happened with him. I live near Detroit and watched a lot of his games while he was here and this is not the same player.
  13. Dallas def looked pretty good once again, we just need one more starting level CB to make the def top 3 worthy. Th eoff on the other hand looks middle of the road at best. Don't know if I can stomach watching Lamb keep dropping passes.
  14. So f'ing accurate of a description of him!
  15. Why would we, we aren't saying Lamer came out of no where.
  16. Lol, this sounds absurd, but it is late and I am tired? Who was he throwing to in man coverage, we have discussed this before, he had absolute shit receivers who couldn't get open, that's his fault? Once he got a legit #1 receiver who could actually do his job it all came together.
  17. Maybe it's also called getting competent coaching for the first time in his career? Someone who actually knows how to teach a QB how to be more accurate? I mean he had all the tools, he just needed coaching and weapons. More importantly it wasn't a leap in year 3 out of no where like people keep saying, he got considerably better year 1 to 2 in every single category. 52,8% to 58.8% is a big leap. 2074 yds to 3089 is a big leap, 10tds to 20 is a big leap. 12 int down to 9 int is huge for 2nd year guy. Then in year three he got Diggs and it was game on.
  18. Curious, who did you root for in GOT? Ned who lied to his wife and entire family and Jon? Robb who pledged to marry a Lords daughter and betrayed him costing him his and his mothers and hundreds of Stark soldiers? Jon who loved Ygritte and yet still betrayed her? Who loved Dany and still killed her. I was with you, I knew early on who was good and who I was rooting for only to see later the bad choices they make and the innocent lives that died because of them. This show is just letting us see their flaws early on. I also can't see how anyone is rooting against the Princess, why because she had sex? Because she didn't want her prudish friend to know about it? I'm rooting for her and to a lesser extent Daemon. I like to be able to switch off my mind and root for someone who just says fuck it and does as he/she pleases and is willing to face the consequences. I like dark characters like that.
  19. I only feel the conflict was rushed between them. The Kingsguard are higher than any knights and most Lords I think so it's pretty much hands off them with only the King having say over them. The other KG should have been around the King and even the Princess during that chaos not abandoning them to see who is fighting, that would have been stupid. He may have been seen as protecting a royal family member and the guy did bare a blade during the fight that he has concealed which I am sure is a major crime. Having weapons in the presence of the King and then baring the blade is probably grounds for execution.
  20. Part 1 sort of agree. She has been shown to be more prudish so the thought of her only friend lying to her face, swearing on her dead mother sets her off. Put that together with her dad telling her that Rhenrya will have to kill Aegon to be the Queen and anyone should see why her attitude is changing. Part 2 The part with Cole and running away..they have clearly shown that she wants to be the Queen. She doesn't want the political marriage part of being the Queen is all. She wants to have sex like a man is allowed to and still be Queen and can't understand why Cole has an issue with that. Remember she was pretty innocent and pure until her Uncle took her to the brothel and was ready to have sex with her. That is all she knows about sex, what he taught her. So she assumes Cole will go along with it. Part 3 is the one I feel wasn't fleshed out very well. They probably need to show the Princess feeling betrayed by the Queen and taking Cole, her lover, is a good way to piss her off.
  21. Too bad we lost Rhea as soon as we met her, I'm pretty sure she would have been a great character, I got strong Asha Greyjoy feel from her. So why did Cole attack him? I mean I know he approached Cole and told him he knows about what he did with the Princess but to attack him in front of everyone? I guess they are trying to show us how unbalanced he is? Also, the Littlefinger clone with the crutches, I wish him a horrible death. I don't like him not one little bit. I do like how they are trying to show us why the war that is coming is inevitable. Giving us the view from both the Queen and Princess side helps. One thing that is hurting my enjoyment of the show a little bit is that I keep looking for characters that we already know. Like Littlefinger = Larys Strong. Leanor = Renly and Jofrey = Loras.. Hopefully I can turn this part of my mind off while watching future episodes.
  22. That's how I got my daughter (older, not a kid) interested in Dead Pool, hey it stars Ryan Reynolds! Also Guardians of the Galaxy, told her Bradley Cooper was a main star, lol. Didn't tell her it was a voice over and he was a talking Racoon but hey it worked! Another good episode of House Dragon. Spoilers not to anger the Dragon killers!
  23. As a Michigan fan I kind of feel left out right now. The first three games were all cup cakes. Have no idea what we will look like against a decent team let alone a good team. I've seen some scary things already, WR open but their QB missing them or WR's dropping the ball. That won't be happening once we play the varsity teams.
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