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  1. Entirely predictable. Now to hope Michigan doesn't do the same thing
  2. Well that was another predictable Michigan loss. Same things showed up this week, not ready and lined up on defense, our QB missing open receivers for big gains and giving up big plays. I will say they got screwed on the strip sack fumble recovery for a td. It was originally called a td then over turned and the wasn't clear indisputable evidence to do so. If anything it confirmed it because you could see the ball come loose as soon as he was hit. Then on final play there was pass int not called. Michigan still deserved to lose but dammit. Michigan left a lot of points on the board today and lost by 4.
  3. Wisconsin? I'd say that was a typo but it's a nine letter typo! So around here it's house divided week. Michigan vs MSU, time for Michigans inevitable let down and flaws get exposed game. Flaws being they can't pass to save their lives and they give up a lot of chunk plays on defense. Can't tell you how many times I've seen wide open receivers that the opposing QB didn't see.
  4. Apparently the Michigan playbook does include the forward pass, wasn't sure of that.
  5. Fun weekend slate of games. Had clicker in hand Sat night between those games, hate the SEC but was rooting for Georgia, and UCLA so I was happy. Then Sunday night came and well, F Norte Dame and I thought FSU was gonna complete the feel good moment, but no. The FSU coach accidently iced his own kicker who made the 50+ yarder to get him an easier one, which he promptly missed.
  6. Season 5: Jaden Smith, the One True Karate Kid shows up with his living mentor Jackie Chan and takes over the Valley!
  7. Watched the most recent episode today and have to say the daily challenge was kinda lame. They have a few clunkers each year. The new format for the elimination challenge might be ok. You can't hide on a team with say a vet, because you can be picked individually by the power couple and the vet left safe.
  8. Yeah EP 0 helped learn some of the new players. I read an article that said they wanted to include more global players to broaden the viewership of the show and the way to do that is more rookies from abroad. That and some of the vets just weren't available. I think im gonna miss the skulls too, it's what drove the Fessy - Nelson fued, without the skulls that never would've happened. Funny thing I totally agreed with from the article was about Kyle. First season I couldn't stand him, seemed so fake. Season 2 he started to grow on me and now he is one of my favorites. They mentioned how he is a sleeper, doesn't seem to do well in most challenges but is almost always there in the end. And yes, more survivor players, they are the type that can give the Challenge Vets a run for their money. Didn't Michela exit Survivor the same way? I want to say she was doing good and then was talking w 2 people and she drew up a vote out list in the sand all the way to the finale and the other 2 were like, shit, she is good! So of course they voted her right out.
  9. Yeppers hyped for it, especially since my daughter is hooked now too.
  10. Maybe it's time to pull the band aid off and just realign the power football schools entirely, similar to NFL and leave them set? A football only grouping.
  11. So I jumped to Challenge Champs vs Pros... Forgot how good this first cross over was. It had top tier talent from The Challenge and top pro athletes competing against them. After the Pros win the first challenge they get cocky as hell and slowly but surely the eat their crow. Lolo was even more unlikeable in this season than she just was in Double Agents. At the end of the season she redeems herself but she is just a self centered ass for most of the season. Then I jumped to season 2 of this and man it goes off the rails real quick. I am not done with this re watch yet but IIRC the champs never lose a challenge. So far they are dominating. The only reason they are down players is alcohol, injury, and personal issue. This seasons diva is definitely Terrell Owens, shocking I know. Although I guess what Lil Romeo does is really just as bad or worse and I'd be pissed if I was Zach. Romeo thinks he gets intentionally elbowed in a challenge and goes and gets a body guard and comes back demanding to see the footage to see how he will respond? I mean fuck you for going to get a body guard and coming back. If I was Zach I would have been pissed at the MTV crew for allowing that guy in, he isn't part of the competition and said to Zach, if you did this on purpose I'm coming for you. That was pretty messed up and weird because during the season Romeo seems very down to earth and likeable, but once he thinks he was wronged he puffs up and finds someone to fight his battle for him.
  12. Same, I am binging while daughter still has it! I did see a news release that they are releasing 1,000 more movies to it in June and will release one mew movie per month starting soon, Top Gun Maverick, A quiet place 2 etc..
  13. The season I am watching is Battle of the Exes 2. Just finished the last episodes Diem and Knight were in. I had to look it up to be sure and yeah, they both died before this season aired, within a couple weeks of each other. Kinda puts a damper on enjoying this season.
  14. I think it's only going to get worse. We are going to be paying more for all this streaming and still having to watch ads. My current list Cable tv, Netflix, Amazon prime(free because of my phone deal, Hulu (my daughter got it), Paramount + (also my daughter) and HBO max, (again daughter).... So I have access to a lot of content and it's just like the old days, I click on netflix and search for 10 min, give up and go watch reruns of something on cable.
  15. Not only that but he had the most money by far at that point, he had just taken out Cohata(?) and had like 37k in the bank. The team had already told him that he wasn't going back in so he could coast to the final. That fight cost him around 80k. As to CT, yeah from what we are shown in early seasons he is a meat head, but as time goes by you see more and more intelligence. What they didn't say is what would have happened to their lead had they split up. I assume that if either had chosen a new partner that they would be starting off at the same time, their lead would be taken away. Back to watching old seasons again! I think I have a few more I never watched.
  16. I was really surprised at the finale, I kept waiting for Leroy and Nany to catch them and pull ahead and it never happened. All through the episode I was like, well this is where CT loses, but nope, Amber kept him moving and set the pace and without her they would have lost. CT made the right choice by slowing down Cam and Corey because they could have beat them. Sucks to see Leroy lose again but he handled it well and never blamed Nany when we all know she held him back. Corey and Cam did really good together and it would have been really close had they not had to eat more. So, how long before the next season? Based on that little preview at the end I assume it's already in the works.
  17. You and I are in sync, I just watched this episode yesterday! He absolutely lost it mentally and couldn't have picked a worse person to fight. Darrell did good at keeping his cool until Brad put his hands on him, then it was all ass beating. That final was pretty good, for a minute I actually thought the challengers were going to pull off an upset but the champs pulled through thanks to their scapegoat Susie...
  18. Yeah that shit came out of no where! He was just giggling and you knew something bad was gonna happen to them.
  19. Loved that episode as well. Nice to see Amber and CT in the lead since I am rooting for them, then Leroy. Didn't see that option to change partners coming and Amber made the right move. Now, does CT do the same thing? Do we assume that he will be the lead winner on this leg and get the same option as Amber did? I don't know if I would leave her at this point though since she has shown hell of a heart in the run and eat. If they don't give the disadvantage to Cam and Cory then they are idiots. Nany is holding Leroy back, Kaycee is busted up so the only real choice is Cam-Corey. Fessy, you giant man-child of a pussy. Kaycee is busted up and is fighting through to complete it and you won't? I really hope TJ calls him out for it.
  20. So I just watched an old season, big surprise. The Island. Basically a combo of the Challenge and Survivor. Not my favorite season as it was a very different format, no teams, no team challenges. Finale was a boat race to another island. Pretty tame since the last season I watched was the one where Big Easy nearly died.
  21. Can't argue this much. Any time things didn't go her way she threw a shit fit. I just watched Fresh Meat, her rookie season (with the luggage weight challenges) and she throws in her 2 best show friends in back to back challenges, then when she gets thrown in by someone she goes ape shit. I love her story and strength but she is a piss poor loser.
  22. I think this is the main factor. Used to be like 50,000-100,000 to split amongst a team of 5. Now you can get 250,000+ each for the winners. The hooking up is still there, Kyle was with like 3-4 different girls in the last two seasons.
  23. So basically battle of the big uns? Hell no since that favors Fessy! Maybe the old versions all tossed in? The one where they had to run up and down the ramps getting flags too? Just watched this a couple of weeks ago too. Was a really good season for the drama. My daughter is watching the current season now and is hooked. She is also watching the new All Stars, so I started so we can talk about it. Oh my... I won't put any details in here but damn the first challenge about wipes out half the cast.
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