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  1. Most importantly, fuck email, send a raven. All the arya hate...at what point did anyone think she is/should be all fine in the head? She's a killer. Arya has never forgotten her butcher boy and Sansa not speaking up. She is not jealous of nice dresses and hairdos, she's disdainful of them. All that being said, i felt like giving Sansa the knife was a warning, and not only of herself. LF is scared of Arya, he doesn't know quite know how to predict her and knows she can and will kill him without being worried of consequences. As far as sending Brienne to KL, i think Sansa did it first and foremost because LF tried to push the thought of her (clumsily i thought) on Sansa.
  2. By "this war" i took it to mean between dany and the lannisters, so just house Tyrrell.
  3. I read somewhere that creatures with fur were much more time consuming and costly to cgi with any degree of realism. It made sense to me but it doesn't make me miss ghost and nymeria any less.
  4. What are you gonna make a breastplate out of that's more protective than dragon scales?
  5. I think they were just aiming center mass style but it seemed to me that Drogon pulled up to protect his mistress. Also, intentional or not, he seemed to avoid exposing her for most of the battle (no dives straight down to come in low, etc). Though that could all be unintentional on the showmakers' part. On the topic of the dagger...my money is on that dagger ending Cersei, Littlefinger, or both.
  6. Drogon dropping out of the clouds, the music, and that first "Dracaris" gave me chills.
  7. Sorry something is very screwy when I try to quote... Perhaps there is only supposed to be a static number of FM and you must replace one. My thoughts that led to this are centered around the kindly man saying "Finally a girl..." I just don't understand what Arya did that is remarkable outside of killing the waif.
  8. Just a thought on "becoming no one." Perhaps every faceless man has to kill another faceless man sent to kill them. Being given to the many faced god and giving him the killer instead is perhaps how one becomes "no one."
  9. WTF did I just watch? 3/10 I gave 2 points for the walk of shame and 1 point for arya going stab happy.
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