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  1. Cladinator

    Evidence that the Lemon Tree Was Not Originally in Braavos

    It's amazing the suspicions that arise from something as simple as a lemon tree. Honestly...
  2. Cladinator

    Evidence that the Lemon Tree Was Not Originally in Braavos

    Did I miss something? What is the controversy surrounding this lemon tree?
  3. Cladinator

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    I am still waiting to wake up from this nightmare. GoT is turning out to be a very poorly and sloppily written tv series. RIP
  4. Cladinator

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 505

    I'm very surprised that the last couple episodes have had such high ratings. I gave this one a 2 but thought about giving it a 1.
  5. Cladinator

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    I guess we just cruise through Valyria now...
  6. Cladinator

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    I never used to think it but I do now... The showrunners hate the book series. Their plan the whole time has been to ruin this series with poor writing, terrible acting, pointless dialogue, and illogical plot holes.
  7. Cladinator

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    I wish the Jon/Tormund dynamic from the book existed in the show.
  8. Cladinator

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    I'm about to give up on this crap.
  9. Cladinator

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    Barristan is really dead. You've got to be shitting me.
  10. Cladinator

    How would you rate episode 503?

    I gave it a 3 out of ten and that's only because the scene where Jon beheads Janos Slynt was kinda badass. No, Jon didn't tell Edd to fetch him a block. Bummer. But the look on his face right before he swung Longclaw was pretty gangster. The High Sparrow wasn't at all in line with the book's but Pryce did a fantastic job. The Tommen/Marge scene was pretty bizarre. I'm not sure if a lot of people understand why it's so cringe worthy.
  11. Cladinator

    [No Spoilers] EP503 Discussion

    We'll see. I always picture Ben Kingsley as the High Sparrow when reading.
  12. Cladinator

    How would you rate episode 501?

    So boring. So many misses.
  13. Cladinator

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