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  1. It actually makes sense as a whole and hopefully will be interpreted more eloquently in the books.
  2. She was also sexually attracted to legit psychos like Daario, who had no diplomacy whatsoever, they reflected her internal want to just kill indiscriminately.
  3. That was never confirmed by a reliable source.
  4. Varys was right! You don't go thinking trogdor wants to do anything except burninate the people and the COTTAGES!!!! He had it wrong about jon but...NO-ONE will want a targaryan now surely :/ Plus Jon was a dumbass AGAIN like Tyrion AGAIN. My lord, so many foreshadowings...meereen crucifixions, burning slave bay cities, burning dothraki, watching her brother be killed by the man who raped her and evidently be happy about it, ising hwr people for whatever harebrained scheme she had next, sleeping with a general who brought heads for a gift, stealing what she needed, killing if she wasn't given what she required...as if she was ever fit for rulership mentally! Gotta love the dany apologists who said she went through a rough time and massacred 10s of 1000s of people, its like saying hitler had a point! She had her chance to be a ruler in Meereen nd I bet they all get the bloody flux and die horribly. All she can do is destroy.
  5. Calling it "mars in____" is lazy but.
  6. You could say that its textbook mars in aries, leo, scorpio , etc with any degree of conviction. Astrology is just pseudo-psychology with no real proof using limited archetypical principles. May as well discuss people in levels of pokemon attributes. Mars in taurus actually suggests anger erupting at insecurities ftr. Mars in scorpio would be more apt for what you're saying, as we're discussing a person erupting from a result of external situations that have psychological implications.
  7. More like started at s01e01 I don't get why people aren't seeing that her final reaction wasnt final and it was building since allowing her brother to get topped, and also weighing where and when she was in the power seat - ie when her enemies were being murdered horribly and brutally. She was at the place where her family got topped essentially and she lost it. Im fairly sure theres bell references in the book when the targaryns met their end prior to the books.
  8. Wrong planet for planet earth astrology lol
  9. Lost kept going. This only kept going cause there was plot points but the writers were fairly clueless.
  10. From the very moment she commanded them to spit flame, she was getting them to do it. She loved watching people burn.
  11. Her previous solutions came when she burned everything
  12. So they could kill off her remaining credibility
  13. She went, erm, mad? How does that not make sense in terms of the story?
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