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    The Mad Dance, Pt. I-IV + Apology

    Nothing to add to the conversation but I am blown away by the depth of the analysis. One of the things I love most about the ASOIAF books is the way they stand up to multiple re-reads, always offering another layer to peel back. I read TOAFK 25 years ago but this has prompted me to add it to my reading list for another well deserved go round. @CowboyDan - thank you for the time and effort you put in to this. Same to FeatherCrystal and so many others. I don't know how I managed to not read this thread until now but I'm happy as hell to have found it..
  2. A Ghost in Winter

    Heresy 203 and growing suspicions anent the Starks

    Hey heretics, can't tell you how glad I am to see some recent activity, the slow spell was worrying me a bit.. I've been reading along since back in the 60's or so and have thought Heresy volumes 200, 201 & 202 have been some of the better ones and I was worrying that Heresy, like all good things must, was coming to an end The idea of Dany being undead (the taste of ashes in her mouth after the pyre, similar to Beric's thoughts of being born on a field with the same taste in his mouth) would never have occurred to me even after multiple re-reads and I loved it. As I did the idea that her Dragon dreams may be some one else's memories. The discussion around Summerhall, what really was happening there and the tie to the ToJ was great as well. I find the question of Coldhands true identity more interesting than I probably should even though the answer likely has little relevance to his role in the story (well unless that scarf is hiding the scar from Brandon strangling himself to save Lord Rickard's life and Jon turns out to be an abomination born from B+L). Anyway, to Black Crow, Voice, Lynn S, Matthew, Tucu, Ravenous, JNR and so many others - thanks for the ideas, analysis and discussion - each and every one of you guys enhance a series I already loved tremendously to a whole other leve