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  1. Disappointed no warging for Arya (Or Jon Snow if it comes out that he warged into Ghost in the books)
  2. I've got a couple of little, teeny-tiny, wee questions.   In the show why did Mel's hair go from being red one season to a dark purple the next? And in the same vein why did Lancel's hair go from being blonde to black? Huh? Answer me that if you can Mighty Carnac the Magnificent.
  3. Woofless

    Board Issues 4

      I have been unable to 'search' anything for a few months now.  I was hoping that this upgrade would fix it.  But still unable to do so.
  4. Woofless

    Board Issues 4

    I, too, have been having problems with search - for about two months. Nothing I have tried at the end is able to help. ETA The message I get is always:- Oops! Something went wrong! [#10145] Search is not enabled on the community at this time.
  5. Will Stannis go totally round the bend and will Davos decamp camp Stannis after this?
  6. I felt that this episode was so far from anything that GRRM penned, I ended up giving it a 1. But a solid 1, because there is actually a fight scene in the books.
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