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  1. Congrats on all the leftovers everyone. It is often hard to make a decision. The only time this game that I had a hard time with my own was on Jaime because I liked 'tickling', but went with kaplooey - just because. Davos Smuggling dreary onions brings Lordship (tips removed). Jaime Don’t expect praise after tickling king. Dramatic event - Pushing a tiny kid. Daenerys Respect comes after mothering outcasts, poor, three dragons, soldiers… Bran Multiple named: Augur, Warg, Leaf enabled traveler...
  2. Disappointed no warging for Arya (Or Jon Snow if it comes out that he warged into Ghost in the books)
  3. After getting not one vote for my entry, which I fully expected, I'm only posting these to show that I had a really hard time with this acro.   And I don't kid myself that any one of these would've garnered a vote either as they are all truly lame.   I tried too hard maybe, to stay away from the D for dragons and B for Birthing, although as you can see I did consider it.       Burnt Duur (Occultist), Nourished Life From Pyre   B A R B A R I A N Dothraki Official News LIFE FROM PYRE!   Blazing Death Occasions New Life From Pyre   Blonde Dumbbell Obtains Nefarious “Little Flying Pets”   I think I went with this or a variation of it.   Blonde dramatically orchestrates new life from pyre    “Birthed” Dragons observed noisily leaving Funeral Pyre     It's strange how you can look at a string of letters and know that you are good to go or the rudiments of a basic sentence comes straight away, while others you know you will be just stringing words together at the end to get an entry that makes any kind of sense.
  4. LOL thanks guys.   LB  I thought she would try to cheer him up with red.   And Rocky  :lmao:Do they have a flap in the back?   If only I'd remembered that the raven was arriving shortly after Sam's arrival, I might've picked up a couple of votes. Albeit 2nd, 3rd or 4th.  Alas and alack I forgot all about that little point.
  5. I tend not to have leftovers, because I usually get a sentence right at the beginning and then doodle around with it when I get a chance. However with Sam I had two other acros with totally different thoughts. This one was on the same lines (thoughts) as the round winner, but nowhere near as good:-   Greetings honey, have arranged red woollen smallclothes delivery.   And this one was pretty pathetic:   Gramps had heart attack!  Restart Westerosi slimming diet!
  6. I've got a couple of little, teeny-tiny, wee questions.   In the show why did Mel's hair go from being red one season to a dark purple the next? And in the same vein why did Lancel's hair go from being blonde to black? Huh? Answer me that if you can Mighty Carnac the Magnificent.
  7. Woofless

    Board Issues 4

      I have been unable to 'search' anything for a few months now.  I was hoping that this upgrade would fix it.  But still unable to do so.
  8. Woofless

    Board Issues 4

    I, too, have been having problems with search - for about two months. Nothing I have tried at the end is able to help. ETA The message I get is always:- Oops! Something went wrong! [#10145] Search is not enabled on the community at this time.
  9. Agreed. I dropped the episode one point because of that.
  10. Will Stannis go totally round the bend and will Davos decamp camp Stannis after this?
  11. I agree LB about too many to like, but as I was on an avenging Ned Stark kick myself, I have to say that I love the Ned Stark munchkin one. :)
  12. Daddy Nemesis’s Smallest Messenger Daddy Ned’s Smite Mite Death Needs Show Mercy Death’s Naive Solution: Mercy
  13. I felt that this episode was so far from anything that GRRM penned, I ended up giving it a 1. But a solid 1, because there is actually a fight scene in the books.
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