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  1. Daemon I Blackfyre

    [Spoilers] EP601

    Episode two destroyed the premiere.
  2. Daemon I Blackfyre

    How would you rate episode 602?

    8. It really did better than the first episode. Never a dull moment, except maybe for Sansa and friends. First of all I enjoyed the shit out of Robert Strong crashing the head of that peasant and guarding Cersei. Loved the wildlings storming Castle Black and Wun Wun crashing one of the brothers against the wall. I really liked the Pyke bit with Balon, Yara and Euron. Balon went out well enough. I liked Euron, but since most of his dialogue was pretty much entirely based on the quotes from the books, Pilou's acting seemed a bit over the top. Also, I'm still wondering why they wouldn't give him the eyepatch. They cut off Jaime's hand and Nikolai was forced to act with the golden hand since season 3, so covering an eye shouldn't be that much of a problem for Asbaek. I have mixed feelings about Roose. I don't think he'll die anytime soon in the books, but even if he is gonna die I'm sure he wouldn't bite the dust in such a dumb way. Jon's resurrection was fine. Nothing fancy, no pyre, or life kiss, just him being back. Which begs the question about potential repercussions since Mel's seems fine enough.
  3. Daemon I Blackfyre

    How would you rate episode 601?

    That is what I fear as well. It'll be enough to partly ruin the remaining books and it'll be more than enough to make the show bad in its last seasons. I don't even think that having access to a fully completed "The Winds of Winter" could help D&D saving most of the plot-lines by now. What a mess...
  4. Daemon I Blackfyre

    How would you rate episode 601?

    I voted 5. Most of the points were scored by the ending, Liam Cunningham, Carice Van Houten and the scenes at The Wall. Also by Moro and his Brothraki. Dorne was a DISASTER of biblical proportions and a true insult to anyone involved. I'm so sorry for Alexander Siddig.
  5. Daemon I Blackfyre

    [Spoilers] EP601

    Finally managed to remember my password and log in. This was a baaad, bad first episode. The Wall: THANK GOD for this part. Davos and Edd were really two of the good things that came of the episode. Davos probably because Liam is so good at playing him, and Edd because he is sticking around (after loosing Pyp and Grenn we really need a character like him). Ghost was cool, I'm sad Jon wasn't already brought back, but hey, there's time. The reveal of Melisandre really was a brilliant scene. It made me feel so sad and vulnerable just like she is in the scene; Carice Van Houten is really a great actress and she killed it in this ending. The North: Not much to see. I liked the fact that Brienne and Pod reached Sansa and Theon in just one episode. This could've easily dragged longer than it did. So, all in all cool. Nothing to say on Ramsay except that his "feed her to the dogs" speech was way over the top. Dorne: No. Just no. They butchered it. They destroyed it. Alexander Siddig was great as Doran and Doran had yet to do something. They killed him, Trystane and Areo, they killed characters that were just introduced, before they could contribute to anything and there is no explanation for it. They insist on the sandsnakes that were universally despised throughout all of S5 and for what? For WHAT? This SUCKS. KL: I really, REALLY don't like the path they put Jaime on. He seems to be devolving and I have the feeling D&D are going to kill him off soon and if so, they are going to do it in a ten times worst context, before he can meet Brienne for the last time. Also, where the hell is Bronn? Essos: Tyrion and Varys filler and Daenerys is going to Vaes Dothrak like everyone expected. Really liked the humor with Moro's Khalassar. Also, too little Arya. No Bran, no Rickon, no Iron Islands, no ToJ flashback yet. Like I said a poor first episode. Seriously tough, the Dorne scenes made me feel so sick with the show, something I never felt once even through all of S5. It's like Benioff and Weiss did not even try. After watching the episode, I felt the urge to start reading the books for a second time and never have I wished for The Winds of Winter like to this day. I really hope George is hard at work.
  6. Daemon I Blackfyre

    Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    Hi! Is there a thread or sub section for the Telltale game?
  7. Daemon I Blackfyre

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    They just had to kill Barristan. Ugh...
  8. Daemon I Blackfyre

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I voted 7. What I liked: -Brienne vs the Hound: They did make the fight nice to watch, even if this never happened. -Season 4 Arya's ending: It's rather faithful to the source material and I can't wait to see show Braavos. -Peter Dinklage and Nikolai Waldu performances: Like always, Peter is just a treat for the eyes and the ears and Nikolai is getting better and better even if he is already a great actor. -Jon and Melisandre first encounter: It's good foreshadowing. -Sandor's fate: Nice to see they left ambiguous his status. It also reinforce that one theory that he is the Grave Digger. What I didn't like: -No Tysha: I mean c'mon! They even mentioned her in season 1 (or was it 2?), why didn't they mention her here? People will start to be less sympathetic to Tyrion and they'll think he killed his father on a whim. Would it really have been that difficult to mention her a couple times more throughout the season and then make Jaime show some regret for that one event? This really pissed me off way more than anything else that has happened in this season. -No Lady StoneHeart: Obviously...Such a waste. Even if D&D were to show her in Season 5 would it matter anymore? Her reappereance should've been the typical "WTF!?" ending. Bah. -BloodRaven: ...Sooo that's Brynden? An old man with both eyes and a Merlyn beard?So cliched... -Jojen's death: I can get why they killed Grenn, Pyp, Mago and similar characters. But Jojen!? He's way too important to kill him off like that and then get away with an Harry Potter line such as "I didn't want anyone to die for me". -Gregor scene: Why did they show him being alive? Why did they have to make it obvious that he can be saved? What's left now for season 5? Nothing. This episode felt rushed, poorly planned and I really hope they'll stick more to the source material in season 5. I know it's foolish to hope something like that but I really don't want the show to become bad. This season was a 7.0 or a 6.8 for me. It has great episodes and great scenes but also a bad pacing and a worse structure.
  9. Daemon I Blackfyre

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    Woh, they killed Pyp, Grenn and Thorne (probably?). C'mon...Why all three? I could understand Thorne's death since he doesn't do much else in the books after this. Well to be fair it's the same thing for Grenn and Pyp, but they are Jon friends and greatest allies in the Nightswatch along with Edd, Sam and Satin after he's elected commander. In the show there sure isn't a lot of memorable NW characters left, so why kill off even Grenn and Pyp? Bad mistake imho. Everything else was pretty much great. Even tough I dislike how they captured Tormund...This is going to make everything way too simple for his sub-plot in the show.
  10. Daemon I Blackfyre

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    For me this episode was all about Jojen Reed bein a motherfuckin badass. Thomas Sangster really knows how to deliver a line. Also, the Jon vs Karl fight was really a treat for the eyes.
  11. Daemon I Blackfyre

    References and Homages

    I've always thought that Arthur Dayne was an obvious reference to King Arthur's character. Their names are the same, they're both good with swords and their swords are freakin legendary. Excalibur vs Dawn, that would be good to see : D
  12. Daemon I Blackfyre


    Hello, my name is Andrew and I'm from Italy : D Last year, after watching all three seasons of Game of Thrones, I've decided to start reading the books as well and now I'm a ASOIAF fan as much as I am a Metal Gear Solid fan (which is quite a lot, lol). I'm currently reading A Dance with Dragons and since I like being part of a strong fanbase I decided to register here. I've choosen the username Daemon I Blackfyre because...Well it just looks fuckin badass just like the character. I just have something to say before start posting. Now that I've said where I come from, don't picture me having a "Super Mario accent" please xD