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  1. While the writing and storyline throughout season 8 was sub-par, abysmal even and i would give it a rating of close to zero, the last episode was actually really good. All was tied together well. I gave it an 8. To me it had a similar feel as the first few seasons - more story, it flowed with greater authenticity and had less shock for its own sake. However, I suspect there would've been a lot of GRRM input into the last episode in the way that there would have been extensive discussions on how the story was to end. So well done.
  2. Why don't the white walkers send terms or try to communicate? ??? Twinstars - "gold will be their crowns, gold their shrouds" -this is referring to all of Cersei's children so there is the possibility of Mycella wearing a crown as well.... either by Tommens death of Dorne taking Westeros (without Dany?).
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