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  1. Olly: The Lannisters send their regards Jon: Wut? [stabbing]
  2. This season has already killed my hopes and dreams. What is dead may never die.
  3. 9/10 Definitely the best of the season so far. Hardhome was brilliant.
  4. The more important question is what happened to Balon?
  5. 7/10 Definitely the best of the season so far
  6. It really bothered me that he didn't just ask Olyvar for his sword when they tried to arrest him. "Give me the command, Your Grace. The castle will be yours within a fortnight if I have to tear it down with my bare hands" - Loras "He's me. I am speaking to myself, as I was, all cocksure arrogance and empty chivalry. This is what it does to you, to be too good too young." - Jaime More than half of the Dorne scenes so far are painfully obviously filmed in Ireland. Why film in Spain if they aren't going to use it?
  7. 2/10 I'm finding this season really disappointing
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