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  1. Please tell me did you made this thread after reading my "Tyrion is a hypocite." thread.
  2. I think it would have been pretty interesting to see how Tywin would deal with the Ironborn Invasion and The Golden Comapany plus the realisation that the Daenerys is alive and has real dragons, plus the Others invasion .He is just the kind of guy you'd want when shit goes down in all directions.
  3. It would have been much more interesting to see what does the mighty Golden Company does with the Golden Lion alive, but alas the dwarf killed him.
  4. shardofNarsil

    What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    Ser Jorah finding Tyrion in that brothel.Ser Jorah has to come back and save his queen or die trying. Also everytime Jorah redpills Dany about Ned ,even though he clearly states how honorable Ned is , Dany always goes Blah!Blah!Usurpers's dogs REEEEEEE.
  5. Ok so I have a theory that the House Lannister is more important in the grand scheme of things than we think . We all know that it was Jaime who killed the last Targaryen king and thus ended almost 300 yrs of rule of the last notable scion of Valyria. The Lannisters also acquired the Valyrian sword Brightroar in the century before the doom . We also know that for some reason the Valyrians shunned Westeros and especially Casterly Rock even though it is the most extensive gold ore system in the whole world and the Valyrians were bonkers for gold. That might mean that Lannister gold is somehow cursed for the Valyrians and might be the reason for the doom. And if Tyrion is son of Aerys and Joanna that would be the first time that a Lannister has coupled with a Valyrian(correct me if not first) and it resulted in a stunted dwarf. I think that the Lannisters are like some kind of Valyria deterrent and like the Starks are destined to play a much greater role in the fight against the Rholler, Other or the dragons.
  6. shardofNarsil

    Arya will become Queen

    Sandor is attracted to Sansa not beacause of any sexual desire but rather her naivety and innocence ,Sandor himself has never known love and is driven by his hate towards his brother and he deals with it by hating everyone around him but then he finds Sansa and sees her innocence, a part of him wants to preserve this innocence but another part wants to shatter her delusions for her own sake. In Sansa he sees the innocence he lost the day Gregor burned him and then saw him get knighted by Rhaegar himself.He put on the hound's mask to show the world that he doesn't care,that he doesn't have a heart but then he sees Sansa and is reminded of his childhood ,how he had wanted to play with the toy knight and the aftermath under Gregor's shadow. Somewhere in his heart he wants Sansa's world to be true . He sees how Sansa and Arya cared for their family ,their friends something he never experienced in his whole life and something he admires somewhere inside.Sansa and Arya reminds him of his childhood dreams,dreams that were crushed in an instant by Gregor's malice.But Sansa's compassion put a dent in the hound's armor and put him on this new path ,after all everyone needs some love even the hound.