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  1. Sansa was an ungrateful beeeeyatch for the last two seasons.
  2. UnViserion

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    The Greatjon ruined everything by calling Robb King in the North.
  3. UnViserion

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    She was incredible this season. Only season I can say she really impressed me with her acting. Ironically, she delivered most when she had the least to work with in terms of plot and dialogue.
  4. UnViserion

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    Charles Dance and Alfie Allen gave the overall best performances.
  5. Better delete all of this before I’m suspended for debating......
  6. I’d guess the Stannis arc will play out differently in the books. He’s an important non-POV character. I think D&D’s desire for the Battle of the Bastards robbed Stannis of a victory at Winterell in the show. Could be wrong though.
  7. The show turned Jon into such a wuss.
  8. UnViserion

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    D&D were simply shackled by the unimaginative limitations of GRRM’s universe. Just imagine how much better they could write a character like Arya if she had the powers of the force? Her assassination of the Night King, for example, wouldn’t have drawn nearly as much scrutiny..
  9. UnViserion

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    That’s constitutes “putting in the time and effort to earn that ending” to you?
  10. UnViserion

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    So long as it doesn’t happen in the cheapest way possible I don’t think you’ll see much fuss about it.
  11. UnViserion

    Bran's Final Purpose

    You just wait. It will be revealed that Bran is warging Dany, causing her to destroy any chance she had at ruling. Probably to improve Jon’s odds of taking the throne. Or someone else’s, who knows.
  12. UnViserion

    Unpopular opinion

    GRRM gets some of the blame for sure. He has every right to spend his time however he wants, and he chose to spend his time in the early goings of the show doing shit that wasn’t Winds related. I don’t blame the writers for diverging from Martin’s complex plot, especially since they were on a timeline and he wasn’t. It would have been crazy to try and include his full Dorne plot, Iron Islands plot, (f)Aegon, etc without knowing what the payoff was. They had to trim some of the fat. But I never expected them to be such hacks. Night and day difference between seasons 1-4 and 5-8 in terms of writing and plot. The show became spectacle over intrigue, simplified to the lowest common denominator of fan. I do blame them for that. For me, the absence of a coherent plot entirely negates the stunning visuals. For other people it doesn’t. Nothing wrong with that.
  13. UnViserion

    Mourning Dany

    Skimmed over this part of your post the first time. I agree with you fully here.
  14. UnViserion

    Mourning Dany

    I just don’t see it. You might be right. personally I wouldn’t be surprised if the ending is almost entirely different from book to show. So much shit that has happened the last three seasons won’t happen at all in the books. I know Martin gave them broad strokes, but if everything between point A and point B is shit (and/or different), it changes the way it’ll be received at the endpoint. I would probably receive this outcome much better had it not been written so poorly. I wouldn’t even call myself a Dany fan, books or show. Even if it goes down the same way in the books, I would only hope the journey to that point is coherent and makes it feel earned. This just didn't to me.