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  1. Better delete all of this before I’m suspended for debating......
  2. I’d guess the Stannis arc will play out differently in the books. He’s an important non-POV character. I think D&D’s desire for the Battle of the Bastards robbed Stannis of a victory at Winterell in the show. Could be wrong though.
  3. That’s constitutes “putting in the time and effort to earn that ending” to you?
  4. So long as it doesn’t happen in the cheapest way possible I don’t think you’ll see much fuss about it.
  5. That’s exactly what my girlfriend said. I feel terrible for getting her into this mess.
  6. Retro-watching this series will be tough.
  7. Well that was one shameful fooking performance!
  8. As a dog owner I’m taking massive points away for Jon completely blowing off Ghost.
  9. There won’t be any further explanation. It doesn’t make sense and will never make sense. D&D don’t give a shit.
  10. It’s sad. Modern audiences by and large don’t tend to care much for substance. Even if absolutely nothing that is happening makes any sort of sense, so long as it looks cool that’s all they care about. Everything’s surface, there’s no depth. Obviously it’s not a universal truth but broadly speaking I’d say it’s pretty accurate. Edit— in this case it didn’t even look that cool. You had to work just to see what was going on since everything was so damn dark.
  11. Waiting to watch because the girlfriend is making dinner first but I'm enjoying the discussion. Im a sucker for spoilers what can I say
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