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  1. UnViserion

    Which characters count as supervillains?

    In no particular order ramsay snow gregor clegane euron greyjoy joffrey roose bolton in his younger days. tywin doesn't make the cut for me.
  2. UnViserion

    Lord of WF

    Ramsay Bolton. If he dies then fArya becomes the Lady of Winterfell. Im not sure what happens if she's exposed for being a fraud-- she's still Ramsay's lawful wife (..right?) and he's the lawful lord of Winterfell by conquest. Robb's will is meaningless, UNLESS an overwhelming majority of northmen decided otherwise and overthrew the Boltons, who would have to be extinguished as a noble family in order for Jon to be installed as Lord of WF. It's not like they would just roll over and recognize Jon as their liege.
  3. UnViserion

    Rhaegar was WAY better than Robert

    He also bankrupted the realm. When the narrative or your reign reads "Cuckhold who turned Westeros into a debtor nation before eating, drinking, and whoring his way to an early grave," you were not such a good king. I'm surprised Jon Arryn allowed the crown to go so massively into debt. He was a lousy hand too.
  4. UnViserion

    Rhaegar was WAY better than Robert

    I like them both as characters. Both flawed, both tragic in their own ways. People can be too hard on both of them. With Rhaegar we don't know a ton about why he did what he did so branding him a vicious monster is a bit premature. But it's tough to see how his escapades with Lyanna will look anything short of irresponsible when the ink is dry. With Robert everything's pretty much out there. People either like him or they don't.
  5. UnViserion

    Roberts rebellion and the lie

    i would say its a bit ironic that she was concerned about Robert's faithfulness only to become "the other woman" herself. Would Robert have managed to stay true to Lyanna once they were married? Who knows, probably not. But he never got that chance.
  6. UnViserion

    That was Rhaegar?

    They should have just recycled Fat Walda for the gig. A true northern beauty.
  7. UnViserion

    Roberts rebellion and the lie

    Robert was a whoring drinker in his youth as well. I believe he sired a bastard when he was living in the Vale, which Lyanna knew about. She wasn't thrilled about it.
  8. UnViserion

    Wight Viserion's blast

    Super weak explanation. At least we know it's supposed to be fire. Unfortunately that leaves us with more unanswered questions. If UnViserion is flying around roasting his enemies, how will they be reanimated later? Obviously adding a dragon to the AotD is a plus any way you cut it, but still.
  9. UnViserion

    Wight Viserion's blast

    I'm inclined to agree with this take.
  10. UnViserion

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    I agree with just about all of this bit here. Bravo!
  11. UnViserion

    Blue Flame of Viserion.

    It was so much colder than the wall that, coupled with the ceaseless force and flow of the flame (ice?), the wall shattered and fell. Makes sense in a way.
  12. UnViserion

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Pilou was full of shit. Dude was just hyping up the season is all. Euron had the potential to be an all time baddie tho.