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  1. House: KERBERRY Sigil: WINGED STAG Colors: GRAY ON PURPLE Motto: REACH FOR THE STARS BUT LAND ON YOUR FEET Keep: MULBERRY GROVE (Named for our famous Purple Mulberry Trees whose preserved fruit has seen many of our people through rough winters) Ancestral weapon: A bow carved out of Mulberry Wood with Mountain Stag sinew for the string: named STAGSHOT Kingdom: VALE OF ARRYN (Located in a Valley amongst the mountains south of Redfort) Liege Lord: LORD JASPER ARRYN Ethnicity: FIRST MEN Religion: The Old Gods Traditional appearance and house traits: Dark Mahogany brown hair with sapphire blue eyes Founder: KERRY STAG- RIDER Origin story: Kerry was a young maiden in the Age Of Heroes who found a winged fawn (rare even then) who had been orphaned by hunters. She raised it and when grown in allowed her to ride it and brought her to the Heart Tree in the middle of the Mulberry Grove where she would make her home after marrying her village sweetheart, Jon. The bow would be carved by her descendant during the Andal Invasion and would be used to keep the family safe until the battles were through and the Vale was now the Vale of Arryn. Tame deer live in the grove (wingless, normally; however, during times of high magic and/or high danger, the Old Gods will bless the herd and winged deer will again be born to House Kerberry Current state of house: Lord Matthew the Victor (so named for his many successful battles against neighboring mountain clans)
  2. I know it's been done before but would like to do it again: House: Sigil: Colors: Keep: Ancestral weapon: Kingdom: Liege Lord: Blood line (First men, etc): Traditional appearance and house traits: Founder: Origin story: Current state of house:
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