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  1. 6 out of 10 for me. It wasn't terrible but there were too many stupid scenes, including: Dany burning the food wagons after making a point of not having any food to feed her army because Cersei had raped the Reach, everyone catching fire when Drogon blew fire on them except Bronn and the Dothraki and the awkward scene featuring Missandei and Jon and Davos. I liked the scenes at Winterfell. Ok, Arya being a match for Brienne was a stretch but it was fun and unlike most viewers, Bran didn't creep me out. At least we didn't see Euron's fleet sail up Blackwater Rush to save the day for the Lannisters LOL
  2. Yes it has happened in real life situations. Adrenalin rush giving people unexpected strength and the like etc The point is, this is a fantasy genre. Why shy away from giving Dany some powers? Why the ambiguity over what she can and can't resist? If there was magic connected to the funeral pyre, why did her hair burn but not her skin? It's all a bit too silly for my liking. Embrace the fantasy or write books that are grounded in reality is my message to GRRM.
  3. No the readers have not made up the fire/heat resistance. Read over the Daenerys chapters from the beginning.
  4. Ok, you guys I'm just pointing out the inconsistencies and flaws in GRRM's writing. Someone either is or isn't resistant to heat/fire/dragon's blistering breath etc. From the beginning there were indications that Daenerys was resistant to the effects of heat and explaining her ability to survive a funeral pyre as a one off magical event is a bit of a cop out in my opinion. When she was in the pit with Drogon, there was no mention of her getting burnt by his breath or by the hot spear she pulled out of his body. As a matter of fact, she just carries on unaffected by the heat. When we encounter he again she's covered in pussy blisters. It's flawed writing.
  5. So how did the dragon riding Targaryens in the past do it without getting burnt between their legs? The mind boggles. ;-)
  6. If Why then is her skin recovering from burns in the aftermath? Let's face it, GRRM didn't think it through.
  7. Hmm, so how come then the dragon fire doesn't kill her considering dragon fire is hotter than regular fire? As I see it, GRRM stuffed up a bit here. When she walked into the funeral pyre I thought that meant she was a special Targaryen, not like the others who were not really dragon-like.
  8. If Dany doesn't get burned when she walks into Khal Drogo's pyre, how come she is recovering from burns in ADWD?
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