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    I don't necessarily think you're an idiot. I just know you're not as smart as you think you are.

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  1. Tywinelle

    Season 8 potential characters couple pairings

    If you think my post was serious, you haven't been paying attention...
  2. Tywinelle

    Why no one adress the fact that Jon isn't the LC anymore?

    Yup, this. They leave way too many loose ends in the writing.
  3. Tywinelle

    Season 8 potential characters couple pairings

    1. Definitely. 2. No way. 3. Jaime, possibly. Tormund, no way.
  4. Tywinelle

    Confused about Viserion and the White Walkers

    Interesting. I guess then all the living need to do is load a dragonglass tipped bolt on a scorpion and shoot unViserion down.
  5. Tywinelle

    Confused about Viserion and the White Walkers

    I considered that but it goes against the lore. According to show precedent, WWs are living babies turned by the NK, while unViserion was a dead creature reanimated by the NK. I would find it easier to accept if he breathed freezing cold air instead of blue fire.
  6. Tyrion has been especially dumb in the way he has underestimated Cersei or believed she would keep her word. And he's supposed to be the smartest Lannister???
  7. Tywinelle

    Confused about Viserion and the White Walkers

    What confuses me is that unViserion breathes fire but fire kills wights and he's a wight.
  8. Tywinelle

    Season 8 Predictions?

    The Night King riding unViserion will burn down the Red Keep and KL.
  9. Tywinelle

    Is Jon and Dany's blood relationship supposed to be a problem?

    I'm actually pretty sick of all the people who look at the show through 21st century morals. The world as we know it wasn't always how it is today. In ancient Egypt royal brother/sister marriages were common. In European history, royal first cousins often married. There were even cases of uncles marrying their nieces and aunts marrying their nephews. What I do think is weird is that GRRM created a Westeros in which people accepted the Targ siblings pairing off but they looked down on the Lannisters doing it. Why the double standards? http://listverse.com/2014/11/26/10-royal-families-riddled-with-incest/
  10. That's not a strong reason IMO.
  11. I guess they took inspiration for this from messy, illogical 18th century Russian history. Peter III was overthrown by his wife, a German princess with no claim to the throne of Russia, who reigned as Catherine II (the Great).
  12. Why is this even a question? Everyone deserves to know the truth and Jon lives for the truth. Bran knows this and that's why he wants to tell him. The only part of this info I can see spinning Jon out is knowing he fucked his aunt. Everything else will make him happy. The northern lords will overlook Jon being a Targ in the same way they overlooked the fact that he left the Night's Watch. Besides, this confirms he's still half Stark (and legitimate at that), and they can't complain about that.
  13. Tywinelle

    Cersei's New Sigul?

    I think you mean sigil. It's a mysterious pictogram that means 'brotherfucker'.
  14. Tywinelle

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    Are you serious? Have you ever heard the saying 'there is always a first time for everything'? Besides the Westerosi family trees are incomplete so how are we to know that there weren't cases of the same name being given to a newborn as his previously deceased sibling? The Targs were whackos. Why is it so hard for you to accept that Rhaegar would give two of his sons the same name????????????
  15. Tywinelle

    Cersei's "plan" and fake drama about Jon

    Contrived and nonsensical were the very words going through my head the whole ep. After Cersei said the deal is off, I would have liked the Dragon Pit to go something like the Hunger Games when the tributes are released and there is a free for all bloodbath.