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  1. Assuming they're allowed to use a Valyrian steel sword Jon Arya Brienne Bronn The Hound Is that it?
  2. jontargaryan

    Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    Yes, adding a big character so late in the series just complicates everything and creates unnecessary hassle. Thats probably why WoW is taking so long to write, integrating a major storyline like that
  3. Jon Snow - Defended Castle Black with a skeleton crew of less than 100 men against 100,000 wildings. - Defeated a White Walker in single combat - Rescued thousands of Wildings up north in Hardhome against a horde of wights - Stabbed to death and revived the next day - Charged against 1000 horses by himself in the Battle of the Bastards - Retook Winterfell with only 2000 men with inferior equipment Arya Stark - Didn't back down when talking to Tywin Lannister - Escaped Harrenhall using a Faceless Man - Left the Hound to die with him begging on his knees for mercy - Sailed to Bravos to train with the Faceless Man - Trained in advanced combat techniques as well as deception - Killed the Waif in single combat - Assassinated Walder Frey using a disguise
  4. The obvious answer is because of Ghost, who was white. But how would all the northern lords know of Ghost? Which lord would care to remember the wolf or the color of the wolf of a bastard? I doubt anyone outside the Nights Watch ever knew he had a direwolf