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  1. I'm definitely of that opinion. GRRM sets things up well, unlike D&D. Me too, me too.
  2. Very well said. Especially as what D&D said isn't actually the case as GRRM confirmed on his blog - he hasn't written that yet. http://grrm.livejournal.com/428790.html?thread=21734390
  3. That makes soooo much sense. I wish it would happen that way, but I'm prepared for disappointment. *sigh*
  4. Good post, and I hope the same as you. I agree. We know Sansa's arc has been trashed by this, but so has Theon's. Yes, the washerwomen worked on him to help Jeyne but he did not snitch on them to Ramsay even though he thought it was one of Ramsay's tricks. We had the gradual glimpses of his desire to be Theon again, even if it's just to die with a sword in his hand, especially through the godswood scene. I don't know what the TV show is going for, but I doubt it will be anything as profound as the masterful writing of Theon's arc.
  5. Well said. I have no idea why some people can't see this. Exactly so.
  6. I completely agree with you. Although I feel beet-banning Tommen has more of a backbone than his D&D teenaged counterpart.
  7. I don't think that's right. In fact, it's stated a number of times that many of the Northern Lords believe her to be Arya. The showrunners aged Tommen up to the medieval age of consent precisely so they could have him and Margaery sleep together. It didn't do Tommen's character any favours, frankly, but the showrunners just wanted more sex.
  8. That is very moving and powerful (and articulate in defence of the source material). I wish there was a way to give her the props she deserves. As a side note, I think she's bang on target about the shutting down of the rant & rave threads that allowed us to vent our frustration with the handling of these issues.
  9. Agreed. That was the conversation I was responding to.
  10. I doubt any of us would disagree with you if this were a modern relationship, but it is set in a world analogous to medieval Britain, where the age of consent would be between 12-14, and consent could even be given by those as young as seven! Women were chattels, pretty much, first of their fathers/guardians and then of their husbands, and their life choices were pretty minimal. It is within these confines that women sought to make the best lives they could. It isn't free will, by any stretch, but Dany did make certain choices to try to gain some partnership within the marriage.
  11. Pretty much. Catelyn's marriage to Ned was a political bargain, as was Dany's. Ned and Drogo were very different men, but they were able to forge a marriage from these bargains. Some never will, like fArya.
  12. That's because it was fundamentally different in execution. I think Dany could grow to love Khal Drogo (as much as we may find it imperfect from our modern viewpoint) precisely because she saw something different at the outset i.e., Khal Drogo didn't rape her on their wedding night in the book - he did his best to put her at her ease. After that, he didn't consider her, and was brutal with her, but she knows from the wedding night that there is another side to him and she takes steps to tap into that part of Khal Drogo.
  13. Precisely why the "make him yours" was so incomprehensible to me, and still is.
  14. Just watched Thronecast (the UK show that airs after the main showing on Sky Atlantic) and they more or less avoided any discussion of the last scene (apart from one crass joke and a couple of "poor Sansa" comments). How telling.
  15. Only thing that was good was the hall of faces. Other than that, it was pretty awful.
  16. I agree with this completely. The destination may be the same, but the journey is shaping up to be completely different, I think.
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