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Arya's journey map has her travelling from King's Landing to Harrenhal by the eastern shore of Gods Eye in ACOK.

However, she reached Gods Eye town on the southern shore in Arya IV. 

Then they somehow crossed Gods river, (Yoren only said they couldn't cross because of the carts, so Arya could cross it now that the carts were gone) and traveled along the western shore of the lake, where they were captured by Gregor Clegane's men in Arya V.



To the east, Gods Eye was a sheet of sun-hammered blue that filled half the world.

she could see a small wooded island off to the northeast.

(On her way turning back) On her left Gods Eye lapped calmly against its shores.


They reached Harrenhal from the west side in Arya VI.


Yet they walked all that day and most of the next before at last they reached the fringes of Lord Tywin’s army, encamped west of the castle amidst the scorched remains of a town.


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