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  1. I never saw Tywin as power hungry. He could have taken the throne for himself prior to marrying Cersei to Robert. He could have rallied the remaining Targaryen forces, but didn't. It's an interesting thought, but I don't see Tywin doing that.
  2. I wonder what kind of wife Cersei would've been to Rhaegar. The Red Viper and Cersei would've killed each other quicker than Cersei did for Robert.
  3. What do you all think is the most consequential decision made in ASOIAF? And I'm more thinking split-second decision making, and not long term. As I re-read, a couple of mine, in no order, are- 1) Catelyn kidnapping Tyrion- The war of 5 kings was going to happen regardless, but this really put Ned in a pinch, and it started Tywin's retaliation. 2) Arya choosing to kill Weese and Chiswyk instead of Tywin or Gregor. 3) If Robb doesn't send Theon to the Iron Islands. 4) If Dany hadn't saved the maegi. Just curious to see what the rest of you come up with.
  4. I'll try to go with some things that are not the obvious choices. I'm really intrigued and perplexed by Aegon. I want to think he's actually Rhaegar's son, but part of me sees the logic in the arguments that he is fake. I'm a fan of Aegon, but I'm nervous as to why GRRM waited so long to introduce him into the story- If he were a true player for the game the thrones, wouldn't GRRM have made more of the story about him? So my fear is that his story may end rather quickly, but then that makes me wonder why would Aegon be introduced at all? The current High Septon's identity, or his story, is something that I find very curious. He is either high born, or must have a past not unlike Varys'. He has the conniving skills of Littlefinger and Varys and has the etiquette of Ser Barristan. So who is he? Could he really be lowborn but gained his knowledge and wisdom by traveling Westeros as a septon? He is not in the least bit intimidated by Cersei, and actually plays her like a fiddle. Only Varys and Littlefinger have had that ability. I hope GRRM reveals a little more about him. Maybe even a prologue chapter with our High Sparrow as the POV?
  5. @ OP Werthead I feel like your last 'edit' really revamped what your originial OP was. Is that info somewhere else now? It was almost GRRM's life story starting in the early 90's and sort of the obstacles he overcame to write the books. I remember info about the '5 year gap' was included in the original OP. Am I going crazy? Was that actually what your original OP was about? If so, where did that info go?
  6. HA! We need a thread for only TV viewers to make predictions like this. It'd be awesome!
  7. Have we established which episodes will have which weddings? I though I've read somewhere on here that they were going to do the Purple Wedding this season. Is Tyrion and Sansa in episode 8? I'm pretty sure RW is episode 9. Any insight anyone?
  8. Did anybody catch Loras, speaking to Sansa, say, "French sleeves"? C'mon writers, we're in Westeros here. We could at least have called them "Myrish Sleeves."
  9. Couple questions about Theon. I know what happens in the books, but I'm not sure what Weiss and Benioff are going with things. Is the guy that helped Theon escape the same guy that saved him from the 3 soldiers? Why would Ramsay kill Bolton men? I would have thought that Ramsay sent those three men, or that he was one of them. Basically, can someone explain that part?
  10. I've heard that they're going to do AFFC and ADWD at the same time. Whereas GRRM split the characters in the books, it would be odd to not have Jon Snow for an entire season on the HBO show. So, AFFC+ADWD should still combine to take 3 years. They also have the option to not start every March. Example ASOS1- March 2013 ASOS2- July 2014 Feast+Dance1- November 2015 Feast+Dance2- March 2017 Dance 3- July 2018 TWOW1- September 2019 TWOW2- December 2020 So, by completely random and unofficial (but certain to happen) schedule, GRRM has until the end of 2020, early 2021 to release A Dream of Spring. They could even debut the book and last season in the same week.
  11. I think they'd start the seasons later. Each season has started in March-ish. They could move season four to summer 2014, and then season 5 to fall 2015, or something like that. I can't see the TV show overtaking the series. Although, I think I'm just lying to myself.
  12. I gave it a 5. I hated the opening scene at the tournament. I wanted more. Tyrion was awesome, as were Cersei and Joffrey. I actually don't hate Cersei and Joff as much as I did while reading. What was that about killing the babies. That wasn't in the book. I felt that that was uncalled for.
  13. I'm going to remain optimistic no matter what, but I think that the hard part of the writing is out of the way. A Feast for Crows was a hard read, and I can't imagine how challenging it was to write. A Dance was a little complicated too. After ADWD I think things are really in place to speed up. There are battles going on everywhere, and less chugging through issues. He doesn't need to introduce new characters, (Arianne, Iron Island POV's), Mereen has reached a boiling point, drastic things are happening in the north, Bran finally made it to the 3-eyed bird, etc. I'm going to hope that it'll be easy writing from here on out. I can only see Arya and Sansa being a little tricky to bring them back from obscurity.
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