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ASOIAF 20 Questions v. 99

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I'm guessing the word you're thinking of is "tallow".

Tallow, yes. You American will doubt, but we Russian had tallow candles even 20 years ago.

So we have two questions to detect some particular candle(s). Need to think about it.

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I thought they are made of beeswax...

Both possible, beeswax is nicer, tallow is cheaper as far as I know.

So, what do we have: candles meant for gods/spirits/what-have-you, not seen on page, mentioned in one book only, but not in AGOT/ACOK... anything else we know?

ohm and: probably shouldn't have been so grateful

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someone lit a candle in hopes or in gratitude, but everythig turned out badly, I suppose...

They usually light candles in septs, though I barely know anything about essos.

Catelyn lit candles and Sansa did, though that was on page...

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I thought they are made of beeswax...

Tallow is much cheaper and more practical. I'd like to buy tallow ones even now, for cases of electricity fails, but these are out of sale already.

I think we should ask if it was mentioned in ASoS.

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are we sure it's meant for gods? And do we know if it's one candle (as the hint sais) or more (as q17)?

16.5 is clear enough.

And we probably shouldn't care if it was one candle or several.

I suppose someone lit some candle(s) gratefully for some merit Gods do to him-her, but the merit turned to be of no use.

Wild idea: it might be Stannis thanking God for death of three kings, which doesn't help him at all in long run.

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I don't recall that happening though.

I get the impression that R'hllor prefers bigger fires, too.

There are candles offered to the Seven, and there are also candles in the HoBaW. Any other gods like candles?

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I didn't see it. Thanks!

I don't know how they relate to being grateful, but some specific candles I remember:

Jaime knocks over some candles lit for Joffrey when "meeting" with Cersei in the sept. They had fortunately gone out before burning down the sept (but I think they were seen on page)

They use special candles in the HoBaW which conjure visions (Arya finds two of such, they were not seen on page since she is blind)

Daenerys lits a hunderd candles for Hazzea

Or could be any other normal offering. Cat and Sansa usually lits candels for Robb

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I like that one.

Who knows how many candles I've forgotten about though...

I'll second the idea that we ask about the book it's in.

Edit: Lol, I spend too long worrying about my posts.

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1. Not character/s
2. Not event/place
3. Among the established categories
4. Object
5. Man made
6. Not item of clothing
7. Not made of metal
8. Not made of wood, paper or fabric
9. Not made from glass or gems
10. Not seen on page
11. Not made from stone or clay

Hint: such objects were seen on page probably in every book, but that particular one we're talking about wasn't seen on page, only mentioned

12. Not made of leather
13. Not made from bone
14. Not a food or drink for people
15. Mentioned in one book only, but not in AGOT/ACOK

Let me know if you want another hint (though I kinda gave you one with 14)

16. Not meant as a feed for animals. Not for horses or mules or kittens

Well, in fact it depends on the material it's made of. In certain cases it can be eaten by certain animals, but it definitely isn't meant to be.

16.5. Something meant for gods/spirits/what-have-you
17. Candles (in ASOIAF universe they probably are made from wax, but I seem to recall back in the days candles were made of animal fats (grease? salo? Don't know the right word, Malc help me), and there were instances when mice ate them)

Now don't forget to consider the first hint, you have only three questions left!

18. Mentioned not in ASOS

Hint: A/the candle/s (I'm not clarifying this one, to me it seems I was quite clear about it) was/were lit, which means it's not something like "one day she must lit a candle", it's not considering litting candles or that sort of stuff

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I found a possible candidate!


"When Tyrion had chosen him (Ser Arys) to go with Myrcella to Dorne, he lit a candle to the Warrior in thanks."

What do you think?

Ah, ninja'd :ninja:

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