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GOODKIND X: Lemmings of Discord


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Even with an abbreviated version of that scene, there were 14 instances of the word "white"...even a "white shadow" was there...ugh.

Thread names:

-Still Crazy After All These Yeards

-Gang Rape Can Be Used For Good!

-Gently But Deliberately Squashing Your Breasts

-Hand-Assisted Spine-eotomy

-Don't Die On Me, Riggs!

-Dead Whores and White Shadows

-Chandalen, Prindin and Tossidin, Oh My!

-Naked Painted Underexperienced Recruits Trump Experienced Soldiers Who Outnumber Them Ten To One (kinda long, I know)

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Yes I had a revelation the other night. I was meditating going into a relax state when all of the QotDs seem to have hit me at once. For a split second my mind reeled under the pressure, then, strangely at first but quick as a fox, I seemed to enter a place made entirely of white light. I was at peace and harmony with myself. Like a clear jellyfish swimming with the tides, everything was clear.

I believe I achieved moral clarity.

For now I understand the sublime glory of Terry and his writing.

So everyone relax, open your mind. Don’t worry about such things as consistency or plot. Attention to petty details only gets in the way of seeing the One Truth, for there is only One Truth and that is brought by Terry/Richard. Details are for those that still are blinded by their eyes. All else is simply birds flying against the wind.

In the latest QotD a careful read will answer all of the question you have posted, if only you had ears that could hear the call.

So some of you have problems with a few phases or turn of the word. Terry has written 10 books! There are bound to be a few phases or words that could be stated better. I’m sure after Martin is finished, if he ever will, with his books I could pick a few words out of context that could have been better stated.

So listen to the concrete words of Terry/Richard instead of ethereal things like feelings and ego-laced writings of critics and join me in the quest to more deeply understand the One Truth presented by Ann Rynd and her first disciple Terry Goodkind.

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