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2014 SDCC | Putting the Epic in Epic Fantasy - Abercrombie,Hobb,Rothfuss,Feist


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Thanks for the response Joe :)

Do you get the sense that you've put more thought into the decision of map inclusion more than other authors? I ask because the way you've approached it is similar to how I suspected you may have looked at it, and how I'd hope most authors look at it (ie, working out if having one adds to the book in the right way, rather than just including one out of hand), but wouldn't be surprised if many authors don't.

Also, was it an active decision on your part to include the map on the cover of Best Served Cold? I thought it was a little odd because it seemed to be about as important to that story as maps would've been to your other First Law books (at least, I saw it that way, no idea how you thought it through).

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And I've never said otherwise. That does in no way refute my point that they can be very handy and really help. I state this only because I'm getting the sense that your statement there was meant to refute my points, which it really doesn't.

You quoted me that's why I replied.

I said not needed. Then you went on about my logic being weird. Now you agree and say its not needed.

Maps of fantasy worlds are probably just one of those things publishers like because it means more merchandising options. When you come down to it, most things are really about money.

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