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The Back of a Westeros Milk Carton


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Very interesting OP. Westeros is going to go through a lot of milk with all these missing people!

Well maybe it should be on a goat or milk mother's back? lol

Nice OP now that it's cleaned up. One correction eeds to be made, though...

Raynald was not Robb's squire, he was a knight. You are confusing him with his kid brother Rollam who is alive because he was not at the Red Wedding.

It jumped to my attention because Raynald is my favorite minor chracter and I rather hope he miraculously survived.

Ah thanks! All fixed. :)

I don't have any new ones, just wanted to say that I love the new updated version of the OP. Great work! :thumbsup:

ETA: I actually do have some: Justin Massey and Tycho Nestoris, both last seen attending Stannis before the Battle of Ice and presumably heading to Braavos (via Eastwatch?). Massey is not to return without a sellsword company while Tycho seems to be going home.

If it counts, about a third of the Iron Fleet is missing, having failed to make the arranged rendezvous at the Isle of Cedars.

Thanks! I thought about them, but I decided to not have peeps whose story was left on a cliffhanger, otherwise the list was monstorous. I figure I'll add/update in 2020 when WoW is released. ;)

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Syrio is dead.

In 2005, GRRM pointed out that Syrio seems to have been left in a hopeless situation when he was last seen, and suggested readers should "draw your own conclusions" based on this (SSM), which seems to imply that Syrio Forel was in fact killed. More recent reports (but, it should be said, unconfirmed) indicate GRRM does not understand why he gets asked the question repeatedly, pointing out that Syrio is not immortal; if accurate, this seems to more heavily imply that Syrio Forel is dead.

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This list is great!

Is there a list of people with questionable or unknown identities so we can play a matching game?


Thanks! I haven't seen one, but that would be a fun way to kill time until WoW. :)

It has been a while since I checked in on this list! You out did yourself with the revised layout! I love it! Great Job!

Thank you Ser! A girl has learned a few things. ;)

IDK if I've read this particular one, I've read so many friggin theories that they are starting to run together. But I do think Old Nan and Shiera are one and the same.

I liked this idea at first but there's just not enough evidence. I feel like GRRM would drop more hints if this were true.

He still has a few more books to load us up on hints. Could be the end of aDoS bombshell mic drop. :)

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This actually makes a lot of sense.

I'm seriously going to have to go through the books again and highlight everything that doesn't seem even slightly important because all of those things end up being clues for important (or at least interesting) stuff later.

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If Leyton is included, why not Melora Hightower, the Mad Maid?

Is Edric Storm a consideration? Supposedly in Lys with Andrew Estermont and four others. Not seen or mentioned since ASoS.

Great list OP!

Thanks! And good catch. I went ahead and removed Leyton since we're told they are in Hightower. Similarly, I ended up removing Edric earlier since we're told he's in Lys.

This thing grew, quickly. Before I knew it I had practically every friggin character since there's so many loose ends as of ADwD. lol I had to trim the fat, so to speak.

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We have cows on our milk cartons?

In America, the milk industry puts the names and pix of missing children on the backs of milk cartons. Almost all of these kids were taken by one parent to keep them away from the other parent. I've always suspected that the program mostly serves to reunite children with their abusers.

Anyway, if the same thing doesn't happen in other countries this whole thread could be very confusing. Do they?

Actually, I don't drink that much milk. Do they still do it here?

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Maester Wyllis

Wyllis was a maester who established himself on the Free Folk settlement of Hardhome, under the protection of the chieftainGorm the Wolf, to write their customs while practicing as a healer and counselor. When Gorm was murdered in a drunken brawl, Wyllis found himself in mortal danger and fled back to Oldtown, where he wrote Hardhome: An Account of Three Years Spent Beyond-the-Wall among Savages, Raiders, and Woods-witches. The year after the illuminations were done, Wyllis vanished. It was said in the Citadel that he was last seen at the docks, looking for a ship that would take him to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea[1]

With what we know about Hardhome I think this is rather interesting.

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