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  1. Quite well-established,
  2. WeaselPie

    Lyanna's death cause publicly

    Only that this story only works if Marie-Therese was replaced by a imposter - her illegitimate half-sister - after either her death or self-exile. This has been largely debunked.
  3. WeaselPie

    So what's the connection between ghost and bloodraven?

    He's a skinchanger. You expect he never skinchanged?
  4. WeaselPie

    So what's the connection between ghost and bloodraven?

    Bryden warged a wolf to mate with a wolf, one of the forbidden skinchanger rules. Wolves are superfecund, meaning they can be impregnated by multiple fathers for the same litter. Ghost is a "child of three" meaning one of his parents was being skinchanged. BR was also inhabiting Aerys, this is why Dany is a "child of three."
  5. I believe this has already happened. Consider that GRRM is not planning on having an entire generation pass to put a magical Jon/Dany baby in place as the savior. The magical baby already exists. Chapter One GoT tells us outright: And Chapter One GoT tells us: And - this is a controversial statement but I think Lyanna may have been a version of whatever Coldhands is. Unless GRRM intentionally uses a misplaced modifier here, it is Lyanna's palm that is dead and black. So. We already have the magic baby born of the dead - Jon Snow.
  6. yes, the leaves are blue. I'm somewhat obsessed with this. ACoK Dany IV Bran - who eats the weirwood paste - and Dany - who drinks shade of the evening - have very similar descriptions of their taste and very similar experiences with alternate dimensions/time travel etc. So I'm also certain the weirwood and the blackwood is related in some manner. Possibly a corruption, I've considered that because of the corrupted blue heart in Dany's HoTU visions Also if you suppose that the weirwood leaves are red because they're fed human blood, and that Valyrian steel red it's red hue from dragon blood, I'd like you to consider that the Others have blue blood. It doesn't all have to be about dragons. More in a bit.
  7. WeaselPie

    Roberts rebellion and the lie

    First, Rhaegar and Lyanna's happy little lovefest killed Rickard and Brandon. Still, they didn't speak out. Then it killed thousands more in battle. Still they didn't speak out. Then, it killed Elia and 2 children. Still, not a peep from them. Then it killed Rhaegar himself. Then Arthur Dayne and Gerold Hightower. Countless others. I'm calling BS on the lovefest. We're supposed to believe they they both allowed their families to be brutally slaughtered and all of Westeros plunged into war to end the Targ legacy... to save a Targ heir who would have been the lawful heir anyway? Well, I don't believe it. We had enough clues in the finale that Bran doesn't see all. Sam has to fill him in. Could the NK be manipulating his visions? I don't know but the bottom line is that I don't believe in the fairytale. GRRM isn't rewriting a Disney movie here.
  8. WeaselPie

    Cersei's New Sigul?

    One of the guards on the beach did guess that a ham was on the boat... salt and smoke anyone?
  9. WeaselPie

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    I forgave the constant fast-forward button this season but at this point it's just poor-writing. And the "big reveal" is still nonsense. I can only hope the wait for WoW and ADoS is worth it and GRRM doesn't go with the same drivel.
  10. WeaselPie

    Bran is the Night King

    Bran lived his thousand lives. What we're seeing is the last one. I'm all for Bran being the NK, but the deeper implications of his time travelling and life-collecting are that he could be, say, every single Brandon Stark from history, from Bran the Builder to his dead Uncle Brandon. And if he could affect/warg other humans while surfing the weirweb, he could have caused many of the scenarios that caused us to scratch our heads, i.e. who is the Knight of the Laughing Tree (Bran, warging Howland Reed), etc. Bran could be Jon's father - technically - while in the guise of another. If the NK turns out to be Jon's father, that's a worthy twist to the story.
  11. WeaselPie

    Jon and Daeneris

    I'm hoping GRRM will not take the obvious route that D&D appear to be taking. My only hope for D&D is that they'll take the Luke and Leia route or possibly the Night King as Jon's father - and could be the same. Neither has been ruled out on the show. And no other possibilities for Jon's father make sense as far as the show is concerned because the show has barely mentioned Arthur Dayne, Ned's brother Brandon etc. while the Night King has been front and center as the perfect Dark Father character. He's gotten way more screen time than Rhaegar. The show has eliminated the book chatter about baby-swapping and has instead given us Samwell falling for a woman who was already bearing a child. And if I'm right that Sam is actually Aegon VI, we could parallel Rhaegar falling for Lyanna who was already bearing a child - or two.
  12. WeaselPie

    Highgarden/Tarly subplot makes no sense

    Unfortunately, I think the Tarly arc was included to reverse-manufacture a split between Jon and Sam, and possibly Jon and Dany. Sam is obviously in a position of considerably greater potential power and clout now, and I think it was always GRRMs intention for Sam to go on that path in the greater story. I agree the handling of Randyll was clumsy, and the throwaway method in which Highgarden was handled was bullshit.
  13. WeaselPie

    Arya vs Sansa what are your thoughts?

    Slow clap. Liking a character or rooting for a character is all well and good, but we can't forget who they are in the end. By design, these girls are damaged and imperfect.
  14. WeaselPie

    Where the .... is Howland Reed?

    With all the fuss that was made over convincing the houses of the North to support House Stark, there wasn't a peep about one of the largest landholders in the North, which is also the most important one strategically in regards to any threat from Cersei - House Reed and the Neck. Not even a sit down between Sansa and Meera about that issue - nor about what Bran has been through, or what happened to Hodor, Uncle Benjen, Summer, the Children of the Forest, the last 3 eyed Raven etc.
  15. WeaselPie

    Cersei Will Kill Brienne?

    I've got a very bad feeling that Tormund's comments about making super-babies with Brienne is foreshadowing. My first thought is that Cersei is carrying Robert Strong's baby because she'd want a super-baby, and she's gone to great lengths to make people think it's Jaime's. A worse thought is the intentional breeding of Brienne with Ser Robert. The show made it clear that Robert/Gregor can act independently, and we don't know what happened with Septa Unella. It's also pretty clear that Qyburn would do anything in the name of inhuman experiments/pleasing Cersei. Can you imagine the motive for the Hound to kill his brother if he finds Brienne the victim of something like that? As if he didn't have enough. And it would be so Cersei to punish Brienne - and Jaime - in such a way. So no. Cersei would never kill Brienne. She made Unella suffer, she's making Ellaria suffer, she regrets not making Olenna suffer. She would torture Brienne, and we were just handed a possible way to do that with Tormund's comment.