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  1. Hey all, we have a fan forum that encourages discussion of the more unusual ideas, and even crackpots, about ASoIaF. Two of our big projects right now are how Marvel Comics influenced GRRM, and how parallel character arcs are hidden in the "titled" chapters. Although some topics are ones everyone is familiar with, we do our best to dig deep and present fresh ideas. If you have some unusual ideas and want attentive and supportive feedback, we're the place. There are book spoilers of course, and we do discuss the show freely, so be forewarned. Cheers from the House of Black and White
  2. Ran, also very curious how this is going to be handled?
  3. Not canon, but semi-canon. Got it. Thanks, Ran, I appreciate all the time and research you took in explaining this!
  4. Since those initial family trees you got from George's assistant in 2008 have changed - I know you had an issue with George leaving the Targ tree until the last minute on the WB - and have obviously not been published in their 2008 form, how does a discarded 7 year old family tree fit into "canon"? Also, where did you get the info in your pre-2007 Citadel essay on RR that "Entering the tower, Lord Eddard found Lyanna Stark in her "bed of blood", dying" ? Because that's not in the books or SSMs.
  5. Ran, I have a question about the App. But yes, this is about the wiki. You didn’t include the App when you updated the Canon and Referencing page on the wiki in April, but it’s being used quite a bit for wiki referencing, and many are considering it canon. Even though the App is from 2012 and the WB is from 2014 and you mention the WB as canon in April of 2015, you didn’t even mention the App in semi-canon when you updated the page. In particular, the statement that Ned found Lyanna inside the tower of joy. That’s not in the books. It was in the wiki based on your old essay over on the FAQ section of the Citadel as early as 2007, then added to the wiki in 2009, but it’s still not in the books and never was. Only recently has the App been added as the citation for this claim, which seems kind of bassackwards. Because unless GRRM confirmed this without question, it’s an error. And unless you have specifically stated that the App may be used in the wiki as a canon reference (which you have not), it’s pretty irresponsible to see it cited as a wiki reference. Can you please confirm that GRRM personally confirmed that Ned found Lyanna inside the tower of joy? Or not? As absolute book-level canon? According to your wiki entry that… “The key point in determining canon is that it must be from George R.R. Martin. Any content that cannot be determined as having originated with or been expressly regarded as canon by Martin cannot in itself be considered canon” …was this statement “Ned found Lyanna inside the tower of joy” expressly regarded as canon by GRRM? Because there is absolutely no source or reference that such a statement originated from GRRM. Thanks :) ETA I just read this part of your wiki page: Please note the "verified" qualifier -- origin with Martin must be an established fact, not simply assumed, and must clearly refer to his series as opposed to the canon of any derivative works.
  6. I didn't connect NCW's duck enigma. But it does seem that someone from the Neck would have gotten nicknames inspired by animals almost always found in swamp and marshland. I read it this way: "High Sparrow, haha what a funny name. Almost as funny as a couple of others I've had before which relate to my origins."
  7. High Sparrow - Lord Duckwing - King Turtle - Howland Reed
  8. WeaselPie

    Board Issues 4

    Same Also, user names over avatars in threads are not clickable (are black and not linked)
  9. If Leyton is included, why not Melora Hightower, the Mad Maid? Is Edric Storm a consideration? Supposedly in Lys with Andrew Estermont and four others. Not seen or mentioned since ASoS. Great list OP!
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