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What can we learn about TWoW from the non-ASOIAF stories of Westeros?


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I recently reread the three stories from A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms when they were re-released as complete work. It struck me while reading that there is probably a lot to be learned from the stories about what might happen in TWoW. So here is your thread to chime in. I will post more specifics later after I have combed through the stories.

There is also The Princess and the Queen, The Rogue Prince, and some hints about the She Wolves of Winterfell. Anything you can pull from those is fair game too.

My first thought is that we get a lot of history of the Riverlands in The Mystery Knight, along with some foreshadowing of (f)Aegon, and some of Bloodraven's perspective. I think this has the most relevance to TWoW - here are some important points. 

  • Bloodraven champions the cause of a bastard. 
  • A weak lord (Butterwell) tries to play both sides of the rebellion, and is not successful. Lord Frey?
  • Bloodraven successfully glamours himself as Maynard Plumm throughout the whole ordeal. I think quite a few of his lines are foreshadowing ASOIAF, but I will need to review those more carefully. 
  • A group of dwarves steal a dragon's egg. Could this be foreshadowing Tyrion taking a dragon? 
  • Dunk gets hammered, pees a lot.
  • A Blackfyre tries to launch a rebellion disguised as a nobody. Reverse foreshadowing of (f)Aegon. Much emphasis is placed on the fact that Bittersteel didn't send him with Blackfyre. Many of the houses involved are geographically near where (f)Aegon makes his landing. 

In The Sworn Sword, I am not sure there is as much foreshadowing, but there is some good information about the Battle of Redgrass Field and the motivations of the rebels. Also some notion that a marriage can heal lots of wounds. 

In The Hedge Knight, we see lots of the inner turmoil of House Targaryan. And lots of the arbitrary ways people change allegiances. And that the Targaryans also have greendreams (if by another name). 

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I should have been more specific. Bloodraven was championing the cause of Glendon Ball/Flowers - he pointed out to Dunk that the egg found in Ball's saddle bag was just a painted stone. So maybe "assisting" rather than championing would have been a better choice of words.   

Anyway, I am wondering if that is foreshadowing of Bloodraven helping another "bastard," and perhaps the painted dragon's egg foreshadows a phony dragon he will encounter. 

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Nice thread mate.

As some theories already pointed out Brienne may be descendent from Dunk and there is a theory wich says Dunk was never knighted for real, if these theories are right they both are not "real" knights but represent knighthood much better than others whom where knighted, so there should be some parallels between these both character stories...

As to Bloodraven helping a bastard, he is himself a bastard too, and the only bastard that i remeber who wielded Darksister, maybe that 's a hint somehow, he is a bastard, his worst enemies are bastards (Daemon  Blacckfyre and Bittersteel), what if Darksister was taken with him to the wall and another bastard will clame it.


For some unaxplainable reason i feel that The Rougue Prince and the Princess and the Queen should be a more prolific place for foreshadowing moments, but maybe they are harder to catch. And we can't forget the world book too, i think the Targ part is already covered in the other books, so there is not much of anything we did not knew before, but the stories about the kingdoms of Westros may have some (not a lot) good clues about the future of great houses.

And plus in the WOIAF book there is a glimpse of how the Dunk and Egg series will probably end... Sumerhall, there are some good theories about what happend there too but how everything happend still almost a total mistery, if i am not wrong in D&E Dunk had a dream (in the third book i think) wich some think are profetic and foreshadows this tragic moment, so if somoene have it in hand to post it here along with the world series quote i mentioned about Summerhall tragedy we could analyze it better, or we let it to the already existent topics about the matter.

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