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[Spoilers] Cercei needs to get back her (perceived) power again

Tyrion's Third Wife

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It's time for Kevan and Pycell to be removed from the picture. I'm sure Cercei sees them as a threat, and too close to the boy king. She's desperate to get control over him again, and over the realm.

We already know they die in the books, so this episode is a good time as any to snuff it.

That will most certainly also unsettle Tommen even more, causing more mental distress.

What this means for Margaery, I can't tell, but she seems to know her dream life of being Queen is not living up to its promise and now she just wants to protect her family. I say that, but sometimes I think her refusing to bed Tommen causing the High Sparrow to remind her it's her duty to provide him with an heir is just her way of getting pregnant on his orders and hoping she can be Queen Regent when the Lannisters are neutralized...but that still hangs on people continuing to regard Tommen as a true Baratheon, which is also unlikely.

Anyway, we need to thin more characters from this show. Kevan & Pycell are at the top of the list. I'm ready to see Cercei really really lose it. :-D

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