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The Yung Wulf

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Considering that Cersei's immediate problem right now is her non trial-by-combat not so much how to burn down the city I don't think wildfire can have much to do with that.

Cersei has to get off the hook first, somehow, before she can plan to burn the city down. Last we looked neither she nor Qyburn were fireproof. And one assumes the way the show sets things up Cersei isn't going to leave the Great Sept alive if she is found guilty by her judges.

Thinking about it a little more:

Considering that it was an old rumor wildfire certainly is an option. However, if this plays out in the last episode in any meaningful way one should assume that Cersei has Qyburn just burn the Great Sept along with all the sparrows, not the entire city.

If she somehow gets out of the building after her trial, that is. Burning the entire city makes no sense at this point.

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