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Blu-ray Preview: The War of the Ninepenny Kings

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The Game of Thrones season 6 Blu-Ray and DVD set just came out today, and courtesy of HBO we’ve an exclusive clip from the Histories and Lore extras that have always been so popular. Each year’s production values seem to be going up and up, and from what we’ve seen so far it looks like it holds true this season. Last season’s Histories and Lore earned some attention from the Clio Awards, and we can only imagine this season will follow suit.

Here’s the exclusive, as Brother Ray (Ian McShane) narrates the War of the Ninepenny Kings:


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The Histories & Lore featurettes this year are pretty good, but contain a few errors and contradictions; you see Benioff and Weiss don't write them, Cogman & Hill do (mostly Hill now).  So they don't take into account "changes to the TV continuity" made by Benioff and Weiss.

Despite their claims of "The TV show is simply different from the books, a separate continuity", very frequently they just plain forget the changes they make and revert back to book info (infamously, how many daughters does Ellaria have?)

But in these videos:

  • Once again, they give the Mad King's physical description as it was in the books; a waist-length beard of filthy matted hair.  Yet when they have brief flashbacks to Jaime killing him in Season 6.....they used a cleanshaven actor?  GoTWiki has been using that as the character infobox profile image but frankly I think we're going to revert back to using the one that you know, looks like the Mad King.
  • The TV version slightly changed the deaths of Dondarrion, i.e. took an axe in the gut instead of his head caved in with a mace -- which is well and good, that would be difficult to portray with practical effects, his head dented in like that.  Problem is that the "Brotherhood Without Banners" video this year just lists off the original book injuries, which don't match what they already established in "the TV continuity".  They're just plain not paying attention or communicating with each other -- which is annoying, you know, because we've made *an online wiki guide to the entire TV series*, which is frequently the top google search.  It takes 30 seconds to google "Berric Dondarrion, TV series" and double check!
  • Says the Tarlys were never kings.  When in fact they were kings. 


As for this video, note the current king:  due to cutting Jaehaerys II, we didn't know in whose reign the War of the Five Kings takes place in "the TV continuity", Aegon V or Aerys II.  Sesaon 4 Histories & Lore confirmed it was the end of Aegon V's reign.  Note that this video says "Prince Aerys" was fighting in the war but not king (as he was in the books). 

Still have no idea why they changed Aemon's lines about who his nephew was back in Season 1, omitting Jaehaerys:  rumor mill has it that Jon's real name might be "Jaehaerys III", but that's just a guess.


EDIT:  Oh come on, the Jaime in Robert's Rebellion video gives Jaime's age as 15 when he joined the Kingsguard -- which is accurate to the books, but you know, contradicted by the TV series itself which stated in Season 2 dialogue that he was 17 at the time.

Overall, they just went with a straight use of what was written in the World book for these videos, and didn't even bother to keep consistent with TV show changes.

So much for their "the TV show is a separate continuity standing apart from the books" routine, when they casually forget their own changes. 

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