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  1. recently leaked photos (which everyone saw but got taken down yesterday) confirm that dragons will have saddles in HotD
  2. Odd...there was an IMDB updating listing a new cast member. This rarely happens so directly. Frankie Wilson as...."Captain Randyll Barret" https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11198330/characters/nm5141621?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t23 Who? Why would a new and not recognizable name like this be suddenly listed so early?
  3. Ah...also interesting, for cross-reference: the list of the Top Ten Most Pirated TV Shows in 2021: https://gizmodo.com/wandavision-steals-the-mandalorians-crown-as-2021s-most-1848282843 1 - WandaVision (Disney+) 2 - Loki (Disney+) 3 - The Witcher (Netflix) 4 - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Disney+) 5 - Hawkeye (Disney+) 6 - What If...? (Disney+) 7 - Foundation (Apple TV) 8 - Rick & Morty (various) 9 - Arcane (Netflix) 10 - The Wheel of Time (Prime Video) Or more succinctly, "all five Marvel TV Shows", plus The Witcher and the Wheel of Time...plus Foundation, Rick & Morty, and Arcane. I haven't really been following Arcane, though like Rick and Morty that's animation. And Foundation has been a letdown...I think it was pirated so much because people didn't really want to pay money to check out its first season. Well the darndest thing is casual audiences seem to like the scifi fluff, even though it's pretty much abandoned trying to tell Asimov's story...though maybe that was just because they felt the need to jazz up the "Prelude to Foundation" era stuff before getting to the Seldon Crisis (probably not).
  4. Ah, GRRM himself has just remarked on House of the Dragon topping IMDB's list of ten most anticipated new shows of 2022:
  5. Getting back on topic, I despair for the adult animation genre. A lot of them are getting cut off at the knees for not matching "the template" of "the brand", which is mindless children's stuff that can be shown out of order. Critically acclaimed shows like The Owl House on Disney, which really advanced LGBT representation a lot. They got their final season's episode order drastically truncated. The head writer gave an interview a month or two ago explaining that while pushback against the LGBT stuff was "a" factor that was discussed with the network, the real issue was that the show has "story arcs" when they want episodic nonsense. Maybe things will change in the shift to the big streaming platforms, but right now it's...discouraging.
  6. When I actually sat down to watch "The 25th Hour", I was baffled at why it was an Oscar contender - other than the fact that they got Spike Lee to make it. His direction is good, the actors are good, but the core story is...odd. EDIT: This post ran too long (several pages) and the thread is getting off topic. The purpose of this thread actually isn't to talk about Game of Thrones but OTHER upcoming TV shows. I will say that: 1 - Benioff had "clout" due to the film 25th Hour....leading critics to question how much of that was him, and how much was industry hype. The self-fulfilling prophecy. 2 - It's questionable whether Benioff was ever a "good storyteller" when he himself admits he's bad at longform storytelling in several interviews...and as a "screenwriter" or "cinematographer"....they were making the same alarming mistakes in those on Season 8 that they were on the unaired pilot. They don't know, and don't want to learn out of pride. 3 - For years, our biggest source of information on what it was like behind the scenes on Game of Thrones...was their own HBO-produced behind the scenes videos. These are promotional materials and not objective. Actually looking over the comments of some cast and crew, such as independent director Neil Marshall, and the *bizarre* things they openly admit to in Hibberd's interview book from last year, it seems that seasons 1 to 4 were as good as they were....in spite of them and not because of them. That the cast & crew around them were working twice as hard to make it work. 4 - When 2017's Justice League was bad, people were more willing to blame the studio and say Joss Whedon was just "a guy doing his job and working hard", so surely it wasn't Whedon's fault. They conceptually could not handle that Whedon's public image was a facade, but later the cast came forward to describe all sorts of abusive behavior, and just plain bad story decisions that made no sense for their characters. But let's get back to talking about OTHER shows not GoT itself...
  7. I’d kind of like to see NK Jemisin’s Fifth Season books adapted, but I’m terrified that after what happened to Game of Thrones they’ll screw it up. Same with Kingkiller Chronicles. that’s why I’m trying to focus on what they’re actually making right now
  8. But Kushiel’s Dart is pure smut and demeaning to women. It’s nothing like Fantasy literature of merit, such as a classic Anne Rice vampire drama, with its…uh…wait a minute…
  9. Ok she got back to me: she said she actually DID give permission to use her artwork...over Tumblr private message. (ack) I made sure to get PUBLIC confirmation via Twitter. (shrug) so I guess we don't need to remove all the other files...
  10. Well...the Nevers Season 1 finale was very interesting - Claudia Black's presence alone makes any show great for me (Scaper 4 Life) - but with all the chaos behind the scenes, who knows what will happen to it.
  11. (genuine laughter)...aren't you the guy who just said three posts ago that Seasons 6 to 7 were "mindless fun" but not good writing? Let's...let's just ignore this guy Annara, he's derailing the thread off-topic. Meant to be about TV shows in general (or at most, House of the Dragon's upcoming performance relative to other shows and audience interest).
  12. (shrug) there's something to be said for a basic idea, but executed well. I love the old analogy of "a well-prepared fast food hamburger can actually be better than a badly prepared steak at a restaurant". I mean "Twilight" wasn't high art, but it was what it was trying to be - young adult vampire romance. It achieved what it set out to do. Same with the sprawling "Vampire Diaries" franchise on CW including its spinoffs.
  13. Yeah.... after the money spent on the spectacle of the Battle of the Bastards at the end of Season 6, a lot of casual viewers...kinda forgot about the invented Sansa rape. Or butchering Dorne. Compartmentalization and denial, and they only have themselves to blame. Oh it wasn't them trying to be grimdark; it was all celebrity culture. They stunningly admit in their own commentaries "we're just showing off the actors". Then viewers just...projected onto this nonsense, any meaning they wanted. The group I blame the most for all this is the...entertainment reporting crowd. THEY are the ones who got over-hyped reporting on celebrity actors, celebrity showrunners. And tying this all together...the darndest thing is, most major pop-culture TV "reviewers" are utterly dismissive of House of the Dragon, because of the failure of D&D on Game of Thrones....in a drastic disconnect with the objective numbers we're getting from IMDb, where it's the most read-about new TV show coming in 2022. I mean the numbers are there, this isn't just my interpretation. Large numbers of people are actually quite interested in House of the Dragon - Season 1 at least. NO ONE was reporting on this as filming news came out, but when the first teaser trailer hit on October 5....there was a gigantic wave of reaction videos by major YouTube TV review channels that had never heard a single thing about it before....and most thought it looked intriguing. The type of trailer reaction we normally only see for a major movie like "Dune". In short the problem is that we don't have objective, detached reporters....the reporters themselves were fanboys (and fangirls). And it's bizarre seeing BOTH SIDES of what results from that: up through the final season they're in denial that it's getting worse, because they're fans. AFTER it was that bad....like pouting fanboys, they refuse to you know...."report"...on a major TV franchise? Since when do they get to pick and choose what to report on? doesn't their editor assign it or something?
  14. Well Zorral...we'll have to see if Season 2 can improve for Wheel of Time. I'm not in a position to judge it relative to the books (greater minds will handle that) but the real measure is if the non-book readers keep talking about it. Just...observationally...I'm not noticing nearly as much of a "pop culture impact" by Wheel of Time as I did for Witcher Season 1 when it came out. People DO review it, but I'm not seeing as much raving about it. We can't know how well Season 2 will be received. But it's certainly on the back foot. Season 1 wasn't a breakout hit. But hey, even Breaking Bad took two seasons to really gain "hype" status.
  15. Thanks, I hadn’t heard of these. oh, I also forgot “The Last Kingdom” because it’s next season will also be its last.
  16. This is a list I've been making trying to assess "genre" shows trying to be "the next Game of Thrones" - a question that kept going around in late 2019. Not just limited to science fiction and fantasy, but "popular binge-worthy TV" in general. Things that could COMPETE with House of the Dragon, the type of thing that, for example, YouTube channels following Game of Thrones have switched to covering during the Interregnum (i.e. The Witcher, Wheel of Time, etc.) Please suggest any updates you have on what might be 'Shows to look out for in 2022", and I'll update the list. I break it down by what I call "clade" - by which streaming service they're on, by extension what media corporation owns them; these days not many major shows air on broadcast networks anyway, but for example, "ABC" is owned by Disney thus if there was another Lost-scale show on ABC it would go under "Disney+" (I count Hulu as a subdivision of Disney+ ever since they got bought out). After Round 1 of the Streamer Wars, there are SEVEN major streaming platforms: Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Warner-Discover's "HBO Max", and then to a lesser extent NBC's "Peacock", CBS's "Paramount+", and Apple TV+. After that you've got a handful of smaller outliers: AMC comes to mind, though these aren't the glory days of Breaking Bad/Mad Men/early Walking Dead (one of the reasons HBO greenlit GoT in 2008 is because AMC was humiliating them with a slate of "new classics" that everyone assumed would be on HBO, and they needed a hit fast). Also doesn't include crossover British TV like Doctor Who or Peaky Blinders, etc. - these are outside the seven major clades and I list them as “other”. IMDb's Most Anticipated Shows of 2022 "Most Anticipated Shows of 2022" can be subjective by critic, but last week before Christmas IMDb put out two lists of most anticipated shows based on SITE TRAFFIC to specific pages - which seems a little more informative. The two lists are for "new series" and "returning series": IMDb's Most Anticipated New Shows of 2022: 1 - House of the Dragon (HBO Max) 2 - Lord of the Rings Second Age Prequel (Amazon) 3 - Pam + Tommy (Hulu) (actually a one-shot miniseries) 4 - The Sandman (Netflix) 5 - The Last of Us (HBO Max) 6 - Obi-wan Kenobi (Disney+) 7 - She-Hulk (Disney+) 8 - Ms. Marvel (Disney+) 9 - Peacemaker (HBO Max) (first DC Comics TV show) 10 - Moon Knight (Disney+) Boba Fett wasn't included due to the quirk of airing on December 28, but I sort of see it as an extension of "The Mandalorian"...leading us into the list of top ten returning shows: IMDb's Most Anticipated Returning Shows of 2022: 1 - Ted Lasso (Apple TV+) 2 - Bridgerton (Netflix) 3 - American Horror Story (FX) 4 - Peaky Blinders final season (BBC America) 5 - The Mandalorian (Disney+) 6 - Shadow & Bone (Netflix) 7 - Stranger Things (Netflix) 8 - Rick & Morty (Adult Swim/HBO Max) 9 - The Crown (Netflix) 10 - The Boys (Amazon) So I'm cross-referencing that with my pre-existing list going by the seven "clades" in the Streaming Wars: Disney+ Marvel shows (collectively) - She-hulk, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, Loki Season 2, etc. Star Wars shows (collectively) - Mandalorian, Boba Fett, Obi-wan Kenobi, Andor, etc. Willow TV series - might not be very anticipated, but another Fantasy genre show Pam & Tommy is a one-shot miniseries, would not compete with HotD at Emmys, and while Handmaid's Tale might only have one final season in it on Hulu, starting February 2. The awards shows do like it - but it won't have another season until after 2022 Similarly, I'm greatly looking forward to The Dropout, premiering on Hulu on March 3, about the Elizabeth Holmes Theranos scandal. HBO Max House of the Dragon - TBA The Last of Us (video game adaptation) The Gilded Age (successor to "Downton Abbey") - January 24 Peacemaker (first DC Comics TV show) - January 13 Euphoria Season 2 (January 9) - very popular with the kids these days Raised by Wolves season 2 (8 episodes starting February 3) - a hot mess mixing a bunch of leftover Ridley Scott ideas. Utterly insane, people can't stop watching. Westworld Season 4 (Late 2022) - this show is winding down and did not live up to the hype generated by Season 1, but people will watch it end The "Dune: The Sisterhood" TV series is coming, but probably after 2022. They just hired a new showrunner in July, and I suspect it was only the recent success of the movie which gave the project a shot in the arm. If we haven't even heard casting yet it's not coming in 2022. JJ Abrams' next huge project "Demimonde", which he's been working on since 2018. On the one hand, he's a big producer and been working on it for a long time...on the other hand, it might simply be in Development Hell. So is it taking so long because it's going to be huge, or because it's falling apart? Either way with no casting news, it's not coming in 2022. Also honorable mention to the third and final season of His Dark Materials, coming out in late 2022. Netflix The Witcher - Season 2 JUST dropped, and it's fairly popular, but not quite Game of Thrones levels - it's not GROWING in popularity since Season 1, the way Game of Thrones got bigger every year The Witcher: Blood Origin - prequel series due out at some point in 2022 The Sandman - adaptation of Neil Gaiman's groundbreaking comic book series The Crown - perennial awards favorite, and a good historical drama (but not a "genre" thing with fan merchandise and so forth, this is an awards scale thing). Season 5 coming in November 2022. Bridgerton - the crowds enjoy it for all the historical romance and sex stuff, quite popular Stranger Things (Summer) - scifi, very popular, but winding down in the next season or two Shadow + Bone - fantasy adaptation, but I haven't heard much chatter about it. I am openly surprised that it ranked #6 on IMDb's list of the top ten most anticipated returning shows of 2022 based on website traffic. Last Airbender (TBA) - live-action adaptation of the groundbreaking fantasy animated series, probably going to premiere in November/December 2022. If it's done WELL it could indeed be "the next Game of Thrones" (the cartoon series on its own was so popular and had so much mythos that it was arguably the same level of popularity, at least among the scifi/fantasy crowd, and deservedly so). Or it could be a complete flop like the previous movie attempt at an adaptation (an infamous mega-flop). Either way, people will be scrutinizing the first season as it comes out for its "new-ness" (if it's bad, people will still talk about it, and only stop talking about season two when it happens). Vikings: Valhalla (February 25) Ozark (January 21) - fourth and final season, divided in two halves, first of which premieres in January 2021. More of an awards rival. 1899 - from the creators of "Dark" Wednesday - Tim Burton live-action Addams Family series. Could be a flop, could be interesting. Amazon Prime Video Lord of the Rings Second Age Prequel (September 2) has the potential to be good or a complete flop, we don't know. Don't assume it will be good (we're uneasy about behind the scenes staff things on it). But like Last Airbender...either way, people will be talking a lot about the first season, and if it's bad they'll only start ignoring it by season two. The Wheel of Time - JUST finished Season 1, put on this list as a legacy. For both this and The Witcher, people will binge over Christmas break into January, and follow production news. I haven't been following it - people seem attracted to it because it's new, but I've seen reviews that are more mixed than The Witcher Season 1 (which was fairly popular). I realize book readers are annoyed at stuff they condensed or changed to try to be cool, but it's at least getting a second season so maybe that'll improve (shrug) you never know. But this list is about CHATTER, what people are talking about, regardless of whether book readers think it's good, it's still "the competition". The Boys - scathing socio-political commentary, very good parody of superheroes. Carnival Row - never really took off in its first season, which is a shame because I liked the visual aesthetic and worldbuilding. Hit hard by the pandemic delaying its second season. But then again Breaking Bad got delayed by a writers' strike in season two, so you never know. A point going for it is that I've seen TV commercials for Wheel of Time actively promoting it for the Fantasy crowd: commercials saying "If you came because you like Wheel of Time, stay to enjoy our other Fantasy shows like Carnival Row". So maybe that will give it a shot in the arm. Good Omens - Season 2 (from Neil Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett) And now, the sideshows.... Paramount+ Star Trek franchise (collectively; Discovery, Picard, cartoons) - not really "competition" for House of the Dragon because it's very different, Scifi vs Fantasy; consistently gets good ratings but not breakout mega-hits Halo TV series - trailer just came out, MASSIVE video game series with huge built-in fanbase. Whether season one is good or not, people will watch it to check it out. They INTEND to air in 2022, but apparently late 2022. We'll see what happens. Peacock Wildcards TV show? (probably not in 2022) Potential Battlestar Galactica reboot (probably not in 2022) Apple TV+ Foundation - poorly received for basically being fanfic expanding on Prelude to Foundation. Second season might get better if it does a time skip and goes back to the books. I sympathize with David Goyer, from all his interviews it's clear that Apple would NEVER have made a straight-up adaptation of the books, he made the best one he could, but had to make too many compromises: in interviews he keeps stressing "it takes place across centuries and has time skips in it" but season one wasn't like that at all. I've seen many TV critics listing it as one of the big flops of 2022. Highly anticipated, after the "new-ness" of season one wears off, I don't think people will pay attention to Season 2 if it's just more of the same. Which is a shame. I was fired up to see Bel Riose... See - returning for Season 2. Actually a pretty well-received post-apocalyptic scifi show, but it's very niche due to being on small-scale Apple TV+. I hope it keeps going, but it's kind of a fringe show. For All Mankind - actually well received by critics, much like "See" it hasn't gained widespread notice. I hope it does well for the cast, even though I loathe Ron D. Moore. Ted Lasso - technically a comedy show and thus not competing against House of the Dragon "Other" Better Call Saul (AMC) - the final season (split in half, across two years?) The Last Kingdom - the final season (BBCA) (February 27) Outlander season 6 (Starz) (March 6) Killing Eve - the final season (BBCA/AMC) The Walking Dead - the final season (AMC) (other spinoffs will keep franchise alive, but it's not what it once was - though they had a good run) Interview with the Vampire: the TV series (AMC) - starring Game of Thrones' Jacob Anderson. Sad that Anne Rice did not live to see this. Quite a fanbase for the vampire romance/drama franchise. The First Lady (Showtime) - star-studded awards bait, following three US First Ladies: Viola Davis as Michelle Obama, Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford, and Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Rosevelt. Not very anticipated, but potential awards rival. A Discovery of Witches - third and final season (Sky One) (January 7) Animated projects Not directly "competing" with House of the Dragon, but of honorable mention among animation fandom: Rick & Morty (Adult Swim/HBO Max) Harley Quinn season 3 (HBO Max) The Owl House / Amphibia final seasons & potential crossover (DisneyXD/Disney+) Invincible season 2 (Amazon) I'll update this list as we proceed, please suggest any other updates and I'll put them in.
  17. I've contacted her with a new link to this post, awaiting a response. Hopefully she can just give permission for the other 20 I didn't load up.
  18. Bit of an issue with image copyrights: I while ago I asked about using a piece of fanart I really like for Jeyne Arryn, but Ran said we couldn't without asking the permission of the artist first. So I finally got around to that, and she wrote back and gave me permission: https://twitter.com/asoiafattherite/status/1474403022218403847 So I loaded it up onto the wiki...only to find that someone else had already loaded up some of her artwork, including this one. Actually, back in November, Dwellordream loaded up 20 different pieces of artwork by Riotarttherite. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Category:Images_by_Riotarttherite But when I contacted her this week, she didn't seem to have knowledge of ever being asked for permission before. On closer inspection, the 20 artworks already loaded up don't actually cite a specific statement of permission: they credit her with the artwork but just link back to her Tumblr in general. DID she give permission for all these other artworks? I think she should be contacted about this. I'm not good with legal copyright stuff.
  19. Some chance we might get the full trailer with the big Succession Season 3 finale on HBO tonight.
  20. I think the numbers are inaccurate in the Battle at the Bridge of Skulls page: https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Fight_at_the_Bridge_of_Skulls
  21. (sees bolded type) ....maybe they're just assuming that? This raises many questions.
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