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The Expanse

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The Expanse started it's 3rd season.  Started with a bang.

I am impressed with the adaptation. The novels in The  Expanse are as good as the space opera Robert Heinlein and Poul Anderson wrote back in the 1950s (well a lot of other authors also)  and that kind of science fiction was already more sophisticated than Star Trek. But Star Trek borrowed heavily from the prose form up to that time. I think The Expanse is better than Star Trek, and I have always loved Star Trek.

I puzzle over the lack of predominance of this show , it is the best space opera on TV right now. Maybe it's because it is done by SyFy ? Which has a bad reputation for schlock. This SF show has a level of sophistication and verisimilitude I have not seen in space opera TV soap opera before.

Season 2 was not nominated for a Hugo ... Episode 5 season 2 was the best science fiction TV I have seen in a long long time.

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There is an active series of threads on the show.

The most current one is Thread 3.

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